Terrible Arab Terror! Yet Again

 This was first posted on my blog, Shiloh Musings, Terrible Arab Terror! Yet Again.
Yet again, an innocent Israeli, an innocent Jew was murdered by an Arab terrorist. And yet again it happened in her home. And it seems that yet again the terrorist was "working" nearby. And yet again, a child witnessed the murder of a parent.
How many times must this happen?
When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?
The terrible terrorist murder of Dafna Meir, HaYa"D, is so deja vu, isn't it?
And yet again, there's heated discussion on our Shiloh email group about the wisdom and safety of allowing Arabs to work here. The rule is that there is supposed to be a guard. So, there are guards, but how carefully do they guard? In all honesty not at all very well. You'll see some guy with a gun sitting or dozing or reading or studying or whatever on the sidewalk across from a building site, whether a large building or someone's house being renovated, and the guard cannot see all of the Arabs and what they're doing.
And the security here and in other Judea/Samaria communities is better than in the "Israel proper" cities where Arabs walk and work freely and can enter pretty much any place, like those who murdered in the Har Nof synagogue or shot Yehuda Glick etc.
And yet again, the world is silent, especially compared to the hew and cry when Arabs are killed here.
Yet Again