Why Hasn't Gaza Been Rebuilt?

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There's a very simple reason why Gaza hasn't been rebuilt since last summer's war and the war before that and the war before that ad nauseum. Rebuilding isn't among the priorities of the Hamas rulers of Gaza. It doesn't matter how much aid comes in from the United Nations or European countries and NGOs.
Those bombed out buildings are so much more photogenic and pitiful looking. The cement and other building supplies that Israel keeps letting in is used for the tunnels which are part of the terrorist infrastructure to destroy Israel, Gd forbid. "Hamas, ignoring its damaged buildings in Gaza, clearly has sufficient funds (supplied by Qatar and Turkey) to rebuild its attack tunnels and replenish its rocket arsenal — while it exports its terrorism to us on the West Bank, with the goal of toppling the Palestinian Authority. It remains unclear why Americans remain silent in the face of Qatar’s continuing activity as a global terrorism-sponsoring state." (Behind the News in Israel) That's the truth.
But the world prefers the lie and the myth that the Gazans suffer because of Israel, because of the so call "occupation," sic. Another of those constantly repeated lies is that Gaza is densely populated.
Look at the pictures. There are no skyscrapers. Most buildings aren't more than a couple of stories high. Tel Aviv is far more densely populated than Gaza, and it's not among the most densely populated cities in the world.