Why I Don't Vote Likud: Bibi's Support of Palestinian State

This shouldn't really surprise anyone who has been following the news here in Israel, especially when it comes to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
He has stated repeatedly, over and over in all sorts of forums that he thinks the so-called "Palestinians" sic deserve a state aka supports the "two state solution." "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his commitment on Wednesday to a two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, after backtracking on that pledge during a heated campaign for a March election.
Speaking as he met with European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on her first visit to the region, and a week after his new government took office, Netanyahu said: 'We want a peace that would end the conflict once and for all ... I don't support a one-state solution, I don't believe that's a solution at all, I support the vision of two states for two peoples.' (Reuters)"
Netanyahu fudged, liked a tricky lawyer or used-car salesman, during the recent election campaign which shouldn't surprise anyone. He desperately wanted votes from the Right. That's also why he drafted Benny Begin to his list, promising him a vague cabinet position that wouldn't be too stressful.
No surprise to me, but terribly unfortunately, too many voters from the Right who, davka, oppose giving the Arab terrorists-Fatah and Hamas- a state fell for Bibi's scam that he would protect us from a new state in our Biblical heartland, which overlooks Tel Aviv, Netanya etc.
A simple look at recent (post 1967 Six Days War) Israel shows that all policy decisions to destroy Jewish cities and communities stem from Likud governments. Binyamin Netanyahu is no more a Land of Israel patriot than were Menachem Begin or Ariel Sharon. Begin's (father of Benny) Camp David Accords which not only ceded the Sinai to Egypt but established the policy of Arab autonomy alienated me from the Likud.
Even though there are some very reliable Right MKs, they do not have the authority to impose policy. They are no more than "window-dressing." I pray that not only will G-d bless our government leaders with wisdom, but He must also bless the ordinary voter with the ability to choose the best political party to lead our precious State of Israel out of this mess.
Why I Don't Vote Likud: Bibi's Support of Palestinian State This was first published on my private blog, Shiloh Musings, http://shilohmusings.blogspot.co.il/2015/05/why-i-dont-vote-likud-bibis-support-of.html.