World Ignores Terror Murder of Henkin Couple

 This was first posted on my blog, Shiloh Musings, World Ignores Terror Murder of Henkin Couple
About ten hours ago, Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin, HaYa"D, from Neria were brutally shot and killed by Arab terrorists. Miraculously, their children survived the attack.
Considering how quickly news can be written up and publicized in the modern world, I expected to see the terrible brutal attack headlined in news sites on the internet. And I was hoping for condemnations of the terrorists. When Jews are suspected of attacking Arabs, it certainly gets a lot of "column inches." And, davka, this couple (at least the husband) must be American. Rabbi Eitam Henkin, HaYa"D, was the son of veteran immigrants from the U.S.A. Rabbanit Chana Henkin, founder of the Nishmat Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem and Rabbi Yehuda Henkin, known posek (halakhic decider) and author of the four volume set of responsa, Bnai Banim.
But, at least for now, I found almost no articles and absolutely no condemnation. I checked my usual Reuters, which is one of the largest and most popular news sites and sources. I also checked Fox and CNN. Davka, The New York Times has an article about it on their World News page:
Palestinian Gunmen Kill Israeli Parents of 4 in West Bank

By ISABEL KERSHNER 9:10 PM ETEitam and Naama Henkin were driving with their children, ages 9 to 4 months, when they were fatally shot.Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza, praised the shootings without claiming responsibility. “A greeting of glory and pride to the heroes who perpetrated this brave attack,” Iyad al-Buzom, a spokesman for the Hamas-run interior ministry in Gaza, wrote on his Facebook page.
The silence of international leaders when innocent Jews are murdered is deadly, because it just encourages the Arab terrorists to attack and murder more Jews. And the recent increase in Arab terrorist attacks on Jews is a result of the international support Abbas and the P.A. are getting for the establishment of a state which unabashedly aims to destroy the State of Israel, Gd forbid.

My prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin, HaYa"D.