Yes, it's me, Batya Medad from Shiloh

The irony of it all… It’s funny to think that now I’m blogging on the Jerusalem Post. If it wasn’t for the Jerusalem Post’s rejection of my op-eds I’d never have had started to blog.
Yes, that’s the truth. I’ve been blogging on my own personal blogs for well over a decade. They are Shiloh Musings, ( where I write mostly politics, religion, serious stuff, and me-ander ( which gets pretty much everything else, food, book and restaurant reviews, my hobbies, kvetches, the weather and more.
Before I began blogging, my letters to the editor were frequently published in the Jerusalem Post. I even had some op-eds and book reviews, but with the exception of the op-ed personally requested by then Editor in Chief David Bar Illan, Z”L, after I’d been injured in an Arab terror attack, I’d have to wait sometimes months until I’d see my article in the paper, if it was published at all.
After a number of young teenage neighbors had been murdered in Arab terror attacks, I began writing what I called “Musings” and sending them by email to friends. The list grew and grew. People kept telling me to start/get an internet site to give my writing more exposure. At that time, the Jerusalem Post wasn’t interested.
I began to blog. And now, ironies of ironies, I’m blogging on the Jerusalem Post.