Yuck! Trump is Like All The Rest!

This was originally posted as Yuck! Trump is Like All The Rest!  on my blog Shiloh Musings.
I had been hopefully optimistic when in earlier statements by US President Wannabe, Donald Trump, he had admitted that the situation here in the Middle East between Israel and the enemy Arabs is a lot more complicated than most like to admit, and there's no easy solution. But it seems that with the addition to his staff of the more conventional advisors and speechwriters, that he, too, has delusions that a "solution" can be brokered/invented/imposed.

Trump: I'd love to broker an Israel-PA peace dealRepublican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Sunday said he would love to broker a peace settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians, The Jewish Insider reported.Trump’s comments came during a campaign rally in Terre Haute, Indiana, where primaries will be held on Tuesday. Trump said that seeing Israel and the Palestinians sign on a peace deal would be a “beauty” in spite of the situation on the ground.“I am going to try and make that deal just because – man, would that be a beauty – if you like deals. I like deals. I do deals. That would be great,” he said.
Yes, the closer they all get to power, the dumber they get. Why does political success close people's eyes to the truth?

All I can think of is that there's a visual similarity between the words:
eye ego
If you don't read carefully, if you don't look at the actual letters, you can easily confuse them. This happens with certain types of "learning difficulties"/dyslexia-as umbrella term.
All I can say that the physical/graphic similarities between the two words are not coincidental at all. When the ego gets too large it replaces the eye, and that is how these "big" powerful people end up with the dumbest opinions and plans. Yes, it seems like Trump is no different from the rest of them. A plague on them all...
Still if I was to vote in American Presidential Elections I'd vote Republican, the least of the evils.
Concerning the State of Israel, our help and salvation come from Gd Almighty and our observing the Gd given Mitzvot. It doesn't really matter who rules other countries. Here in Israel we need a Government that recognizes that we are not like other countries, nor other nations, nor other religions. When we act correctly, then other countries will respect us, Gd willing.