Burn my flag, not my body!

Piers Morgan said “Watching ISIS burn a man alive was the most abominable thing I have ever seen…”
I thought to myself, imagine for moment all the unwatched Jews who burned alive in Nazi ovens.
We are anesthetized by repeated exposure and overwhelming emotional magnitude. Unbearable to imagine what happened behind those closed doors, we are still tormented by watching the burning of one human being.
One of the holiest images in Judaism is the The Burning Bush. In that fire, Moses finds God, Who burns but does not consume. Our souls, we learn, must be afire with passion, with love, but never to consume the gift of the body.
We Jews are against burning the body, even after death. We are against cremation. To take it even further, we are against tattooing this miraculous gift; we do not deface, nor place graffiti on our skins.
It’s impossible to negotiate with barbarians. They thrive on the infamy of the show and tell.
Even as we seek to destroy this evil, they continue to recruit lost Western youth and women who seek excitement, adventure, social acceptance, or just some purpose.
We must continue to teach our youth and all society what seems obvious to many of us, but apparently forgotten by some, that the destruction of the human body is an abomination.
Morgan described the terrorist network as “glorified school bullies”.
“They survive and thrive purely through fear and threats. Sometimes the only way to deal with a school bully is to thump him on the nose.” Then, he wrote, the thump “must come from Muslims; those hundreds of millions of Muslims who’ve had enough of seeing Islam’s name and reputation being desecrated in this way… And the thump has to be hard enough militarily, financially and politically to ensure ISIS is cornered and isolated like a diseased rat wherever it tries to operate.”
As for me, I rather watch them burn a 1,000 Holy Books and 10,000 flags, all my own, but not a single human being of their own, or of any other group.
Fire was discovered to warm, to cook, but not to burn.