Announcement of Gilo construction kills 5

In what has been yet another step backwards in the peace process, the Israeli government’s approval of new housing in the East Jerusalem area of Gilo, has killed five Palestinians and injured fifteen. This brazen and deplorable act has thrown a wrench into what was shaping up to be promising negotiations upcoming between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
Mahmoud Abbas, PA President and ardent lover of peace, has expressly condemned the attack by Israel and called on the Israeli government to show more restraint. “Peace will never be achieved if the Israelis continue to recklessly build. We would do anything this destructive and appealing…sorry…appalling,” Abbas told reporters, adding, “How could we possibly be expected to sit down at the table with people directly responsible for the slaughter of our citizens?”
This most recent announcement, roundly condemned by both the United States State Department and European Union, is hardly the first instance of Israeli irresponsibility delaying peace that is far overdue between the two people. A recent study, commissioned by the Ben Gurion University Political Science Department, found that when Bibi Netanyahu declared to his liberal second cousin at the Shabbat table his insistence on Israel being a Jewish State, it caused the deaths of forty eight Palestinians.
Extreme left wing group Peace Now had echoed the aforementioned condemnations, calling for the immediate arrest of any construction worker involved in any building in East Jerusalem. There are reports, however, that they are considering retracting the proposal as a result of pleas by the Palestinians. The constructions crews, predominantly Arab, reportedly begged Peace Now to backtrack because the “the evil Jews are the only people who have hired us in months.” Peace Now is reportedly reluctant to pass up a chance to condemn their own, but Chairman Yariv Oppenhiemer has said that there is a chance they would put the Palestinian’s well being before their political agenda if they are feeling generous.
Palestinian Chief Negotiator and great moderate, Saeb Erekat, expressed outrage at an appearance at a mosque in Ramallah today, crying bewilderedly, “first a unilateral declaration of statehood in ’48, now ruthless and murderous construction, what’s next terror attacks?! Do these people have no control?! Who on earth thought it wise to trust them with their own state?!