Time for Olmert to retire from public life

You might not recognize this as an E-TONE post.
There will be no cutesy story or pop culture reference to tie into the end of my point.
There will also be no hedging.
This is pure unadulterated disgust that I feel MUST be addressed in an open forum.
There are politicians that I have a deep disliking for, due to the policies they push and the lies they tell to trick people into endorsing said policies.
There are politicians who steal from the public coffers for their own benefit and take kick-backs for contracts and all the other ways one can use his position of power to benefit financially.
I strongly dislike such politicians and would never in my lifetime advise anyone to cast a single vote for them.  I blog about them regularly here and at The Washington Times Communities when I feel they are out of line and feel the need to raise awareness.
These politicians are selfish and deplorable and they can be found on both sides of the aisle in every democratic government in the world.
However, there is one ‘politician’ who far surpasses the regular threshold of corruption and disgust and yet he remains an Israeli media-darling and a hero of the left.
Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minster and current felon (with more charges to come…stay tuned!), is not simply another greedy, corrupt and immoral politician, although he is all of those things to be sure.
It would appear to me that Ehud Olmert is simply a repugnant person.
Last week, Olmert proved to me that no matter how low you go there’s always another proverbial elevator to hop into that is forever going down.
At a lunch at Bar Ilan University to promote the launch of MK Nachman Shai’s book, Olmert felt the need to preach on the tremendous troubles the settlements are causing to the defunct peace process.
This, in and of itself, is not new, despite the shocking reality that Olmert himself offered PA President Mahmoud Abbas more territory than any other Prime Minister in Israeli history and was still rebuffed, perhaps an indicator that the PA has no desire, EVER, to make peace. We are simply left no other option but to assume that Olmert is either not intelligent enough to process all of that information or his dishonesty in the pursuit of a ridiculous left-wing agenda knows no bounds.
However, it was the supplementary statement, unprovoked no less, made by Olmert which has me pleading with every human being on this earth, whether you are Israeli or not, whether you are in the media or not, whether you are interested in politics or not, to REFUSE to acknowledge Olmert as anything but a criminal with no political insights and even less human decency.
After yet again suckling at the Israel-hating international communities’ teat, stating “Some think the current government’s policies are the right ones that will ensure our survival, but many in the nation and the vast majority of the international community do not agree,” Olmert felt the need to bolster his inane statement by blaming innocent murder victims, all in the name of ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’.
As the Jerusalem Post reported on this pathetic speech at Bar Ilan, “Olmert brought the massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar by two Palestinian men in 2011 as proof of his point, pointing out that while the murder was tragic, international news sources – ‘some that aren’t necessarily anti-Israel,’ he said – argued that the Fogels should not have been living in the West Bank. ‘Of course that’s a terrible, inhumane response, but we’re dealing with a problematic situation. It’s not public diplomacy; it’s policy,” the former prime minister argued. “In the years Israel looked like a country willing to go far for peace, we had less of a public diplomacy problem.’”
Any news outlet that claimed that the slaughter of the Fogels, including an 11-year-old a four-year-old and a three-month old, was their own fault is firstly, anti-Israel and secondly, more disgraceful than words can describe.
Yet, here is Ehud Olmert, peace-maker extraordinaire, using this as a proof as to how settlements are an impediment to peace.
Let me clarify all that for you: Ehud Olmert is asserting that although blaming the savage slaughter of a family of eight, including an infant, by radical Islamic animals is a ‘terrible and inhumane response’ it is still compelling enough an argument for him to use when pushing his absurd left-wing agenda.
If he takes that proverbial elevator any lower he just might find himself in an inferno-laden land where perhaps he can bunk with other ‘peace activists’ like Yassar Arafat.
I am pleading with the world, and specifically the Israeli public, to stop allowing this man to walk freely as a ‘distinguished’ member of our society. Be Israeli for G-d sakes! Yell at him in the street, deny him public forums to speak at and whatever you do please-oh-please do not let him back into politics.
Even Israelis on the far far-left, I implore you to see Ehud Olmert for what he really is: a despicable politician and a despicable person who can only hurt Israel and its interests.
You know what, I have changed my mind. I will end with a story that ties it all together.
A few years ago I was at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem eating breakfast with visiting family members. As we were finishing up and leaving the hotel I noticed Olmert sitting there with three young children, whom I assume were his grandchildren. He saw that I was staring at him so he gave me that good ‘ol fashion politician’s grin. In response all I could bring myself to do was slowly shake my head back in forth in disgust, a decision I occasionally ponder and even sometimes doubt.
However, now, in the name of the Fogel family and every other person who has ever lost a loved one to the brutal terror that the Arabs continue to plague us with, I am happy to say that, grandkids or not, that was one of my prouder moments.
Ehud Olmert should know that he is a symbol of shame for the Jewish State and I am glad I did my miniscule part in educating him of this fact.
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