Egypt: A picture is worth a thousand words (Part 1)

Thomas Jefferson said, "When the people fear their government there is tyranny. But when the government fears the people, there is liberty."
It has been a year now since the Arab spring started and changed the world order along with all the calculations of the Super powers such as the United States and the EU.  No one saw this coming with all of their intelligence agencies, spies and their well educated analysts.  In less than one month two mighty dictatorships were gone with the wind.
After Tunisia I prayed from my heart and even cried with tears that it must be our turn to do the same; but to be completely honest I didn’t have faith that my people would rise against the tyranny that controlled and terrorized us.
Al-Hamdu`Lellah the miracle finally happened and it shaped and created a brand new world order: Libya, Yemen, Syria, even the United States, the UK and Russia.
Time magazine even named “the Protestor” as man of the year 2011.
After all of these amazing and magical events people from around the world broke the chains of steel; they became fearless and that is the primary outcome of these revolutions. As I said before in my previous blog posts, the Egyptian people have sworn to never create or bow to any form of a dictatorship.
But now the fearlessness that resulted from these historic events in Egypt, has transformed to greed and conflict between the political factions including the military.  Everyone wants a piece from my Egypt with no regard for the good people who suffered and survived tyranny for centuries.
As you can see this picture speaks for itself. Trust me when I say that it is a fight to the death.
Photo by: Courtesy
Currently, I am in the hospital recovering from minor surgery. I will be discharged on the 24th after which I will head straight to Cairo to attend and celebrate the first anniversary of our revolution on the 25th at Tahrir Square. There will be people from all around Egypt and all the political factions who are represented in this picture.
So wish me luck and safety, the outcome and analysis of this trip will be in my next blog, Egypt: A picture is worth a thousand words (Part 2).
Now I leave you all in PEACE!