Egypt : National security

As many of you know, I was traveling throughout Europe for my Holocaust research in order to be a more capable peace activist in building peace bridges between Muslims and Jews. Usually, when I am away from my Egypt I don’t write about the political situations there because my absence could provide a lack of judgment on what`s really going on with my beloved Egypt.

I know that nowadays many Israelis see the new president of my Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as a good friend because of his efforts in cracking down on Hamas from our side of the border while at the same time mediating a summer cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas. The Americans now see him as a reasonable man because of his UN speech against ISIS, the world`s new common threat.

This meeting will be understood around the world, and in Egypt, as a formal blessing for a leader who has overseen numerous acts of brutality against his own people, who gained his present office in an election held in an environment deemed to be undemocratic by international observers, and who has pursued a relentless course of domestic repression and persecution of dissent. Whatever assistance he may or may not provide in the fight against violent extremism in the region is already outweighed by the radicalism and the instability that he is cultivating every day in my Egypt through his oppressive policies.  

So far, I have to admit that his foreign policy skills are remarkable and he is to be fairly mentioned ,especially in regard with the newly powerful ties and strong relations that he created with the oil countries in the Middle East; nations that backed us with billions of dollars since the military coup. The ouster of Mohamed Morsi was fully blessed by my people because we had no other choice but the military to save us from the catastrophic failures of the Muslim Brotherhood and their incompetence in running the country during their year of power as I mentioned before in one my post “ From Hero to Zero .“

The ironic thing is that Sisi won the so called elections by 96 percent - a landslide which stands as an insult to the intelligence of the Egyptians because of many reasons and a very simple math. First of all, there is no way a fair democratic election would ever lead to such results because no one on earth is as perfect to receive 96% of the total votes. It is an insult because it is not logical to show the opposition parties of my Egypt as making up 3% of the political spectrum, while we currently have more than 85 political parties. The Islamists provided the Muslim Brotherhood`s candidate in the first round of the 2012 elections garnered more than 5 million votes. So by simple calculations, the Islamists voters are more than 20% of the total registered voters, add to this around 25% represented by the young activists who oppose the military rule which Sisi represents, and it doesn't make any sense at all that Sisi earned 96% of votes.

The high committee of elections announced that the elections were set to take only two days, but here is what happened during the elections:

On day one, polls around the country were almost empty except in Cairo and Alexandria, which made the media propagandists go crazy on Egyptian TV calling everyone who didn't vote a traitor. At the end of the day, the government announced the second day of voting as a national holiday, putting my Egypt`s economy on hold and posing to lose millions of dollars so that voters could go vote 

without worrying about their jobs. But still the polls stayed empty, which pushed the government at 3 p.m. to announce a fine of 500 Egyptian pounds against any registered voter that didn't show up at the polls. By the end of the second day they announced the extension of the elections by one more day.

After reviewing his 20 hours of speeches broadcast on TV during the elections, Sisi never mentioned the words democracy or liberty, he never gave a concrete promise about anything except urging the people to give him two years and all will be good. But Sisi's most notable characteristic that is evident to me, is that he still operates with the mentality of the head of the military intelligence. He simply dodges every question the TV propagandists ask him by sit is a matter of National Security,

So trust me when I say that killing the protesters who opposes him is a matter of national security.

Imprisoning thousands and thousands of students is a matter of national security.

Imprisoning journalists because of their professional standards is a matter of national security.

Eliminating any kind of opposition is a matter of national security.

Postponing the parliamentarmy elections is a matter of national security

And the biggest threat to our national security is that freedom of expression is purported by the authorities as bad for the people and the new dawn of the media is stifled to be nothing but a mechanism to manipulate and brainwash the good Egyptian people. Like I have said many time, the top satirist Dr. Bassem Youssef is with no doubt the only honest media man in my Egypt, but of corse his show was cancelled only days before Sisi took office. And why was he shut down from TV? The answer is simple: It was a matter of our national security.