Kay Wilson in my Egypt

Most people think that peace between nations is only achieved through governments, I say peace will always start from the people and not to our governments. I agree that the Israeli\Arab conflict is one of the most complicated conflicts in man's history but the solution to our conflict is not that complicated especially if we all looked at the good strong examples around us which can give us much hope to follow them and try achieve peace with people around us.
For example, my Israeli friend and sister Kay Wilson who visited me in my Egypt last April. Kay is a victim of pure terror and hatred. While Kay was hiking with her friend Kristine Luken two Palestinians attacked them with machetes, sadly they killed her friend Kristine and stabbed Kay 13 times, leaving her with 13 perforations in her lungs and diaphragm, over 30 broken bones, 6 open fractures of my ribs, a crushed sternum, a dislocated shoulder and a broken shoulder blade. They stabbed her till they thought she was dead and then they fled the scene but while Kay was gagged, broken, bleeding, bound, barefoot and dying, she walked over a mile back through the forest and found help.
The only explanation to me on how Kay got the will and strength to get up and walk a mile with all these injuries is her big heart which is filled with nothing but love. What happened to Kay could easily give her all the reasons to become an Arab hater or an anti Muslim but she chose not to, instead of hating Arabs and blaming them for everything that is wrong.
Kay Wilson refused to live as a victim, actually her heart guided her to help everyone she can, no matter what color or religion this person may be, such as hiding the young Israeli Arab Mohamed Zoabi when his life was in danger because of his famous video on how he belongs and loves Israel, then she saved me, YES she came all the way to my Egypt to give me the strength I needed.
Last March I almost gave up on my work for peace and wanted to find a normal job in life in order to pay my bills, stay away from the countless interrogations by Egypt's national security and get away from my people`s lack of understanding on why I am pro Israel and believes in the Jewish people`s every right to exist. I posted on my facebook page my decision of giving up but in less than two minutes Kay Wilson called me on my phone asking what's going on and why I am giving up, so I told her the truth but she kept encouraging me on the phone, 30 minutes later Kay and our mutual friend Emily created a fundraiser for me so I can survive in which it helped me in so many ways until I found my job with Gatestone Institute. Actually this wasn't it, Kay came all the way for me in my Egypt and we spent three magical days together. If Kay Wilson after everything she has been through made it all the way to my Egypt to see me and helps me with my troubles while expecting nothing in return, then I guess any person from our worlds can also step up and take the initiative to reach out to the other side.
This is how peace can be simply achieved, now I will end this article with these strong words from my sister Kay Wilson.
● Never again will I be held hostage, physical or emotional - terrified of my captor's next move
● Never again will I plead for my life - not from the Hamas or people like yourself
● Never again will I be gagged, deprived of my basic right to cry out for help.
● Never again will I be bound, denied the privilege to do all that I can to save my life.
● Never again will I be the victim of any physical or emotional terror.
● My freedom of speech has been restored
● My hands have been untied by justice I am no longer captive; I am gloriously free! Free to act as I deem fit.