With enemies like these, who needs friends?


There are daily massacres in Syria of innocent civilians while the world leaders are watching by and giving us speeches about how bad they feel about Syria.
I tell them: Your words and warm speeches are meaningless and unhelpful; actually, they only show how weak and greedy you all are.
The tragedy in Syria demonstrated to me how shattered the Arabs are—that our leaders think that we are still naïve and that we are easy to manipulate.  
My message to every dictator and to all the world leaders:
I beg you all to understand that we all live in an age where digital technology has given us the opportunity to communicate with all mankind. It has eliminated factors such as time and distance. The Internet has turned us all into citizens of the same small country.
In solidarity with the Syrian people, there are protests everywhere in the world showing support for the brave and innocent people of Syria. One of these protests was in Israel itself, which the world media neglected to report, as they’d rather focus on the Israeli army instead of the Israeli people who truly want peace.
On Saturday, March 31st 2012, about 300 Israelis marched and demonstrated in a protest of the massacres in Syria to share their support for the Syrian people. During the march and demonstration, participants carried signs in Hebrew, English and Arabic, such as: "Stop the massacre," "Where is the UN?", "Human to human – humane," "A true friend is a friend in time of trouble," "Israelis care about your children," "No more silence" and so much more.
This particular demonstration was triggered by a letter written by a young Israeli mother. She wrote this letter after watching a TV report entitled report "A day will come that you will ask yourself how could you do nothing in the face of the massacre", which documented the massacres in Syria (by Itai Anghel and Amir "Uvda") . In the letter, she called on all people to break the silence on Syria. Her call brought some Israeli activists and artists to collaborate on the largest and most impressive protest in Israel so far.   
A special clip screened at the demonstration featuring Israeli people supporting the Syrian people:

Another video documenting the march to the demonstration: http://youtu.be/qVnVwkMd2M0

Please find the event photo album, the event Facebook page and an updates page online.