New Israel Fund in the Big Tent

UPDATE: After I submitted this small piece for publication early on Friday, the NIF logo was added to the list of sponsors. The question still remains: do the organisers really think it is prudent to invite the NIF to an advocacy conference? See link at the bottom of this piece.
After a lot of debate in the British Jewish community in relation to its support for Israel, a community initiative has been organised for May 15th. Called ''We Believe in Israel.'' Their website tells us:
We believe in Israel, do you? On Sunday 15th May Join us and a thousand other fellow British citizens who want to come together to show their support in one simple concept – Israel as a democratic and Jewish state.
While such an initiative is extremely welcome (although what a shame it remains trapped inside the community bubble) and we take comfort that the British Jewish Community does, indeed, believe in Israel, I was curious to examine the event''s sponsors. The website states that those organizations supporting the conference are:
A BICOM event, supported by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Zionist Federation and the Union of Jewish Students.
Many were rather concerned when it appeared that the New Israel Fund also was sponsoring the event, although interestingly someone had completely forgotten to add their logo and name to the conference''s website. What we have here is the actual list of sponsors, being sent to the right people by email:
Now we must of course assume that the ''We Believe in Israel'' organizers simply forgot to add New Israel Fund to the website''s list of sponsors. It''s not like there''s anything embarrassing about the NIF...