From One Jew To Another, You Are the Problem!

On November 30th 2016, Roger Waters, the renowned Pink Floyd front man, screened a film he narrated on the campus of UCLA. The film titled, "The Occupation of the American Mind," cleverly plays hopscotch around the truth in a sly effort to spread old-fashioned, anti-Semitic propaganda e.g. Jews control the media, Jews are the puppet masters pulling the strings of politicians, etc…etc…a contemporary rehashing of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The concocted story is a poignantly dangerous brainwashing tool capable of convincing anyone who doesn’t know better that it was just trying to get the truth out in the open. The most convincing element of the completely false “exposé” being the multiple Jewish interviewees willing to construct the narrative for them. The event was presented to a full theater with no presence or opposition at all by any Jewish groups aside from an obscure Jewish underground group named Yad Yamin that may have prevented Roger Waters from concluding his presentation. Otherwise, no singular Jewish organization voiced condemnation.  


Four days later, on December 4th 2016, “hundreds of Jews and their allies” show up en masse in fervent protest of anti-Semitism in Beverly Hills. Not against Roger Waters, who ended his brief speech the night of his screening with the words “they want our blood” (referring to the Jews), but against Steve Bannon, who had just been appointed senior counselor to President-elect Donald Trump. Bannon, a man who helmed the reigns of a very pro-Jewish, pro-Israel publication after its proud Jewish founder, Andrew Breitbart, passed away. A publication that employed Orthodox Jews (Ben Shapiro, Joel Pollack) as its Editors-in-Chief. A publication whose other Jewish staff receives all Jewish holidays off and allows them to leave early for the Sabbath, while the majority of American companies do not. This anti-Semite in question also expanded his company's offices to Jerusalem. A publication that quite literally publishes some of the most ardent voices available in the media for Pro-Israel and Jewish advocacy. This is who hundreds of Jews were actually willing to gather in protest of in their misdirected fight against anti-Semitism. Not Roger Waters. Since when has anti-Semitism (Waters) and Jewish support (Bannon) become indistinguishable?


Defeating hatred is hard. Defeating hatred where it doesn’t exist is impossible at best and dangerous at worst. Hatred is like a forest fire. It scorches and destroys everything it touches, turning life into death. Putting out a forest fire is no easy task, and requires the concerted efforts of many who know what they are doing in order to extinguish it before the damage becomes too great. With confidence, one could say that lighting a number of other smaller fires sporadically in nearby surrounding areas, removed from the main fire, would be an impediment to extinguishing the fire. One could correctly conclude that doing so would make matters worse by spreading thin the efforts of the firefighters on multiple fronts and limiting their resources. It’s a rather evil thing to do.  


It’s no wonder there has been a rampant upswing of anti-Semitic bomb threats called in to JCCs and desecration of Jewish cemeteries meant to terrorize Jews around the country. Real anti-Semitism has been allowed to swell and boil over while “Left-leaning” Jews seem intent on aiding those efforts by attempting to distract from the actual threat.


When it comes to fighting the allegorical "forest fire” of anti-Semitism, "Left-leaning” Jews thrive on lighting mini-fires where they don’t belong, misdirecting from the real dangers of true anti-Semitism at the detriment of Jewish people as a whole. I mention Leftist Jews only because this behavior is unique to this group. Not all Leftist Jews are guilty of this, but all that are guilty of this are Leftist Jews. They are shamefully inept at recognizing where the fire exists. But they know it does. So instead they light fires elsewhere to take pride in combating the very fires they set. The elitist, left-leaning Jewish communities are shadowboxing hatred, and are sickeningly proud about it. 


No longer does anti-Semitism only come in the simple to diagnose form of far-Right Neo-Nazism or the KKK. The more ubiquitous anti-Semitism is veiled and subtle, hidden behind a façade of well-intended far-Left agendas and anti-Israel campaigns.Is it not strange that the observant Jews (religiously or culturally) who actually know their own heritage and practice their faith don’t think any of the accused anti-Semites are actually anti-Semites? While those leftist secular Jews (ethnic identification only) who have absolutely no Jewish identity and Judaism plays no relevant role in their lives, are the only ones crying wolf on anti-Semitism? Remember, no one protested Roger Waters dressing up like a Nazi on stage despite all the terrible things he has said. They are so lost that they no longer have any clue what their Judaism is about in order to recognize when it’s being attacked. To those born Jewish by blood then turned their backs on its roots, you forfeited your right to say who is and isn’t our enemy. You pose a greater threat than “they" do. 


If the phenomenon were simply isolated occurrences it wouldn’t bear mentioning. But there seems to be a nonsensical, cultural pandemic infecting the Jewish population. One that only breeds further Anti-Semitism rather than does away with it by validating what every vile or hateful claim the alt-right, white supremacist, and Neo-Nazi groups perpetuate. If you are a Leftist Jew and can’t distinguish why this is dangerous, I will assist you. 


History has spun many elaborate myths and legends about the way of the “Jew”. From blood libels and the illuminati, to demonic pacts and the manipulation of global markets going back thousands of years. All are false. Yet all have culminated in the murder of an unspeakable amount of Jews. The best way to combat such false accusations is by not partaking in dishonest manipulation that adds fodder to their fire. Don’t give them the fuel. When “Leftist” Jews behave in a manner that extreme hate groups profess Jews behave, it becomes challenging for those who don’t know better to distinguish which claim against Jews are true versus which are false. 


Examine what many extreme right wing hate groups are saying in chat and message boards. More and more of their claims are beginning to have threads of truth to them. You are welcome to read them. George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg are common reference points. To the impressionable, a sliver of truth quickly slips into validation for whatever platform they retrieved that information from. Zohnerism refers to "the use of a true fact to lead a scientifically and mathematically ignorant public to a false conclusion.” - James K. Gassman. An unprepared and unequipped mind equates such instances as revelation, finally seeing through the smokescreen. And from that point on, every hateful lie about Jews will feed into and compound this initial buy-in. This is a dangerous problem that is gaining momentum. As it has done for the past couple thousand years.


Recently, a reporter at a press conference concluding the Trump-Netanyahu meeting asked President Donald Trump to settle, once and for all, the question of whether or not he will condemn anti-Semitism, suggesting that there could actually be an outcome where Trump may condone it. This was asked sincerely, as though the question had some footing to stand on within American Jewry. (Sadly, it somehow does). Can you imagine a journalist asking President Obama, Bush, or Clinton such a preposterous question? Trump gave the question more credence than it deserved. Of course he condemned it. He always has. And he was standing next to the longest standing modern leader of the Jewish people and Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, which has a bit more clout to speak on behalf of Jews than most do, who had stated that Israel has no “greater friend” than Donald Trump.


Enter Steven Goldstein, executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect (the irony) and an attention-seeking purveyor of lies and hatred at the expense of the people he falsely claims to advocate for. After Trump’s statement in solidarity with Jewish people and after a history of defending them, condemning BDS, condemning the Iran deal, condemning the UN, defending Israel on numerous occasions, hiring Orthodox Jews to high positions, and having immediate family members as Jews, Goldstein had this to say "Mr. President, You’re Too Little, Too Late Acknowledgment of #Anti-Semitism Today is Not Enough.”  And subsequently, “The anti-Semitism coming out of this administration is the worst we have ever seen from any administration.”

To be clear: Steven Goldstein does not speak on behalf of Jews. He only sanctimoniously parades around as though he does. Steven Goldstein is a slithery-tongued sanctimonious hack. A shameful blemish to the Jewish people, who is lighting fires where they don’t exist. Seeking out an enemy where there isn’t one in order to feel as though he is accomplishing something with his wasteful false virtue. There are more professional and tactful ways of expressing this sentiment, but the Jewish author of this piece does not feel Goldstein deserves such grace after watching this.


How many more anti-Semites were created by the wasteful and misleading actions of Steven Goldstein and Leftist Jews like him. Cue the ADL for example. An organization initially set up to defend actual discrimination against Jews. Instead the ADL, under the helm of Obama confidant Jonathan Greenblatt, resorts to pushing far-left progressive narratives while only giving statements condemning blatantly obvious incidents of anti-Semitism. Thanks, ADL. The Jewish world is relieved to know you condemn things. Well done. Pro-active efforts and education on such matters are clearly irrelevant beyond condemnation. Don’t get me wrong - people have the right to a progressive opinion. But what does that have to do with the ADL?


This putrid behavior is now socially accepted and practiced by the media. The Wallstreet Journal attempted to say YouTube Mega-celebrity Pewdiepie is an anti-Semite. What he did was distasteful and irresponsible. But nothing suggested there is any truth to such a claim. These are the little fires being left everywhere, diverting attention and depleting resources from combating real anti-Semitism to only perpetuate more hatred. It is morally wrong. 


To sum it up, imagine a small isolated town some hundreds of years ago. There is a guard on lookout duty at the outskirts of this humble town. His sole job is to provide advance warning should a threat present itself. When he sounds the alarm the town panics and takes it very seriously because this threat is existential. Now imagine if more often than not, this alarm from the lookout was a hoax. The guard just wanted to feel important. Get some attention. He’s bored. The citizens of this town would start to ignore his announcements. They would disregard what could be an imminent threat. This guard would be very dangerous. In a good and sane world, the guard would be relieved of his duties. If his actions were by accident, even if for being overly vigilant, he can’t distinguish between a real or false threat. If his behavior was purposeful, he should be tried for treason. ADL, Steven Goldstein, and the false virtue-signaling Jews on the “Left" with an agenda unto your own, you are the guard that needs to be changed.