Mandela Family Should Defend Mandela Legacy

The recent accusations that the late President Mandela singularly negotiated a peace settlement in which black South africans received no share of the economy is hugely misleading; gratuitous and an outright lie. This article addresses the need for the Mandela family, espeacillay Mandla Mandela, to correct certain public perceptions; as well as the role of the Mandela Foundation in issuing the corrective historic documentation.
To say Mandela sold the country to white people in pursuit of personal freedom, is one f the most painful things I have ever heard. It is simplistic because it assumes one man, Mandela, could do everything. The role of a leader is to lead and stimulate growth. He alone is not the beginning and end of everything. In addition, it is the civic duty of every South African to be fluent on CODESA.
To begin with Mandela, has been one of the most selfless individuals South Africa has ever produced. This is not idolization of Mandela but a historic fact. On numerous times during his long imprisonment he was offered conditional freedom by many National Party presidents and he refused this based on principle. Mandela was at the core a selfless and principled individual who valued peace. Unlike other African presidents he valued term limits to the presidency; a rotation of executive power; a non-tribal African system of power sharing; private property rights among others.
To argue that Mandela could have demanded land and mines at CODESA is unrealistic because the South African economy is based on a robust private sector, where property rights have to be respected. The South African conflict was primarily for the franchise - one man, one vote. Thanks to Mandela, and others, South africa has inherited the rule of law where a sitting president can be questioned as to his decision making, expenditures, and other use of executive powers.
The Convention for a Democratic South Africa was the conference which exstablished a democratic South Africa, it was composed of a cross section of South African civiv and political society. Under the direction of Oliver Tambo, CODESA was both inclusive and understanding of South Africa's land issues.
Land Rights in South AFrica
To address the land issue the land claims court was established and has ruled in cases where there is a clear cut evidence of displacement. Land rights are a rightly a very delicate issue and can lead to violence if done in a lawless dictate.
Economic Control
While, it is obvious to any observer that white South Africans still own and control some sectors of the South African economy. This is not a political problem, but an economic problem. Banks do not give money to Africans because Africans do not have the collateral. The involvement of Africans in the South African economy can never be a government mandated law, but needs to involve private-business partnerships.
Unlike the rest of Africa, South Africa has a unique chance to create a shared economy based on economic principles. Not what we have seen in other countries where people learn how to fame after being given farms by their friends in the ruling party.
I strongly agree that there should be more inclusion of Africans in many of the vital sectors of the South African economy, but I am opportotimistic that with the many African business succeses including Tokyo Sexwale it can be done.
The lies about Nelson Mandela must stop, as people concentrate on the duplicity of the dirty politics in their own back yards. Attacking Madiba's legacy will not make one's profile greater. Mandela's legacy is peace, constitutional government, and democracy. South Africa has paid a huge price for keeping the fleeing refugees from Northern African dictatorships; one is reminded of the Swahili saying - that the thank you of a donkey is a kick in the face.
Ken Sibanda is an American constitutional attorney born in Qunu, Transkei, South Africa. Sibanda is the author of, "International Constitutional Law: Peace Accords," He has written for many publications including the "Jerusalem Post."