Understanding Donald J. Trump's Ascendancy

The recent and continued upswing of Republican candidate begs the question, how did the Republican party get so desperate and so ready to elect Mr. Trump as their presumptive nominee.
It all started soon after the election of President Obama in 2008 when a group of individuals known now as the Tea Party movement got together. In unison, like a Southern ballad sung on the eve of Confederacy's declaration.
Initially the tea party movement reacted to a black president and sought to undermine his legitimacy. This they prioritized by filing frivolous lawsuits which suggested President Obama was not born born in the United States but was born in Kenya. Strange enough, this group did not have any real evidence of Obama's late mother , the late Stanley Ann Dunham, being in Kenya at the time of President Obama's mysterious birth propaganda. And like the propaganda of the NAZI party during world war II this was no different: venominous, hateful and divisive.
In the second election, prior to it, President Obama had to show his long form birth certificate much to the satisfaction of the Tea Party movement, who turned around and became sour a few weeks later suggesting again that "this new birth certificate" had been "doctored." Nothing would have satisfied this group except the unconstitutional removal of President Obama by either a senate hearing or a special disqualification. This was not democracy but hate.
No where in U.S. history has a sitting U.S president faced such a strong effort to delegitimatize him on constitutional grounds and not issues; some ( President Charter) suggested racism and its ugly incesstance on inequality was at play, others wondered what had gone wrong with the progress of the country.. In other words ,white America was not really ready to have a black president who is equal to a white president, something about the black president must be inherently inferior - in this case, their warned suggestion was that Obama was a fraud, hence America has never really had a black president yet - a catch 22 situation - African Americans still have not achieved presidential equality.
In all things, Mr. Trump played an interesting role. For one, he held a press conference in which he asked to see Mr. Obama's birth certificate. Later he held yet another press conference to show his own birth certificate. There is no way that a level headed person can even entertain this nonsense of Obama's birth in Kenya, and yet Mr. Trump did. We are all free to believe and say what we want - but we are not free to gratuitously attack others for political points.
If the tea party existed for the good of the country. The good of the country did not end with Obama - their concerns would be perennial and include even Senator Cruz. This leads one to think that perhaps, all the brouhaha about Obama was really racism and not sincere after all.
It is time we have one America; one standard for everyone - black or white. We all knew and expected that some segments would never accept accept Obama because of the voting patterns in 2008 - for example, after president Obama's historic election some local newspapers refused to cover the historic event - but what we were all shocked at is the level of hatred and willingness to divide America for political gain.
President Obama is not the most qualified African American who could be president, I still think Colin Powell would have been better prepared, nonetheless Obama is a good second, and a well deserving historic figure. We might not agree with George Washington, but he was still the first President of the United States.
At a sociological level when society promotes the hatred of an individual(s) it makes it easier for that group to be exterminated; whether its Jews, African Americans or Ethnic Slovaks. Rwanda is a good example - first the Tutsi were referred to as "cockroaches," in the weeks before the genocide of April 1994; then it would seem the majority felt a mandate to kill. There are some who argue that the police killings in the U.S., which is systemic murder, concedes with the above analysis on how President Obama has been mistreated.
There is a deep anger and hatred in America that has now openly entered politics. It was first self-evident in the Tea Party, but has now become evident in Donald J. Trump's manner of campaign. Mr. Trump's campaign for president resembles a hostile company takeover.