A Peace Now lesson in conflict-of-interest


The Jerusalem Post reported


Peace Now on Tuesday asked Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein to bar former Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker from the West Bank “outpost committee.” The group took issue with his connection with a pro-settler group, the “campaign for the outposts,” for whom he published a legal opinion in support of continued settler use of private Palestinian property in some instances.


That seemed to me a bit odd.


First of all, Mr. Baker was previously employed by Israel''s Ministry for Foreign Affairs as:


Ambassador to Canada at Embassy of Israel in Ottawa, Canada; The Legal Counsel at Israel Ministry for Foreign Affairs; and Senior Legal Officer at United Nations


Doesn''t that garner any positive points with the righteous of Peace Now?  After all, from where does Akiva Eldar get all his leaked info from, if not sources in that Ministry, among others?  Aren''t they the ''good guys''?


And secondly, who was the person, employed at the Ministry of Justice back in 2005, who issued a report that created something called "unauthorized outposts"?  Oh, yes, Tallia Sasson.


And what happened to Ms. Sasson?  Oh,she later joined Meretz, a radical left-wing party and even ran for the Knesset on its platform of retreat from Judea and Samaria and the dismantling of Jewish communities there. 


So, does employment identification mean something when Peace Now does not like someone''s views or what?