And now, the bad news

In a commentary on the targeting of journalists by Islamist groups, and others, the observation was made that the
...appalling attempt by Islamic militants to intimidate journalists...[and the allowing of his captors]... to use him as a pawn in their propaganda [will result in the sending of]...a message that journalists can be manipulated as they see fit. It’s no longer enough, it seems, for the detractors of journalists to be killing the messenger. Now the messenger has become the channel for someone else’s despicable message...
In short,
Journalists are becoming propaganda – and we must do more to protect them
Of course, there is also the aspect of this complex reality that too many journalists allow themselves, through their overly sympathetic approach to certain topics, themes and political issues, to be viewed as tools to be used for the propaganda purposes of groups like ISIL or the PLO, in days past.
Some journalists were "in bed" with their subjects and now, the extremists are simply extending the relationship to their advantage.
And that is bad news.