Passover is the freedom from self-denigration


There is very little I can add to all the wonderful content at the JPost blog sectiomn

But there is one thing that I perceive that does give meaning to the Passover holiday, what freedom means and why the Land of Israel and Zionism, the Jewish national ethos, are all important to remember at the Seder table.

I checked a short while ago that New York Jewish liberal newspaper, the NYTimes, and at its website, the Kansas city killings were but the 6th story in the US news section here, not on the front page.

Worse, as this site shows, one of the most viscious anti-Zionist Jews around, Max Blumenthal, seems not have (unwittingly, I hope) bolstered the murderer''s beliefs.
The message?
We are only our worse enemies and can be "slaves" to self-destructing ideas and acts and words.  Avoid self-denigration.
Have a wonderful and joyful Pesach.
I received notification after chag that in the paper''s hard copy, the story was on pg A12.  A 1 covers recovering Boston marathoners, West Point, Obama''s problems, Pistorius in S. Africa, the Ukraine, climate problems. The Kansas murders are there along with Afghan election runoff, a win at Augusta (golf), a suicide article, actors, employees, and a mirror-sun for dark Norway.
Over three hours after I posted this, the story was upgraded to #3 in "US news" on the web home page.
As for Maxie Blumenthal, quoted 300 times by the shooter, you can find these tweets at his account:
HK ‏@SAHenryKrinkle  3h
People blaming @MaxBlumenthal for this shooting probably share the shooter’s views of immigration.
Max Blumenthal ‏@MaxBlumenthal  12h
@ZaidJilani anti-Semites are not their problem. If anything, they need them to justify their exclusivist project.
Retweeted by Max Blumenthal
Abe Greenhouse ‏@grinhoyz  16h
White Nationalists Threaten Jews, #BDS Does Not 
Max Blumenthal ‏@MaxBlumenthal  21h
To the Zionist fanatics exploiting tragedy: We are inside the walls. We are never leaving