How the police deport themselves


Again, as if on cue, a police report is leaked/released which focuses on expected "extreme right-wing" violence with the usual list of targets, foremost the Temple Mount.  Here''s one I just spotted:  Police: Extreme Right to escalate West Bank violence, and the details:

"The extreme Right will escalate its nationalistic activity in the West Bank and other areas in Israel in the coming year," Israel Police said in an intelligence report obtained [obtained?  did they steal it?] by Ynet on Sunday.  The report, presented by the force''s intelligence division to Commissioner Yohanan Danino, states that the far-Left is also expected to expand its activities to additional unrecognized villages, mixed Jewish-Arab cities and Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.  According to the report, tensions surrounding the Jewish presence in east Jerusalem (Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, Mount of Olives and Har Homa) may boil over in 2012. Other "points of friction," such as the Temple Mount and the Mughrabi Bridge, as well as protests and riots in Arab villages on Nakba Day, are also a cause for concern, the police report stated.
I trust my memory and I recall that almost everytime the police feel the pressure stemming from their inadequacy to act, they simply manage to raise the threat level they face.  The Temple Mount is a sure headline-grabber. I wish the police would deal effectively with a bunch of youngsters, many of them teenagers, referred to as "hilltop youth", in a more professional manner.  They certainly cannot be more organized and prepared than the so-called ''mafia families'' the police appear to be pushing back.  Even Arab terrorists are no match.  But a couple of dozen kids and young men are putting the police to shame and besmirching the moral and legal right of Jews to live in Judea and Samarfia.  
And, as if almost tacked on, we also read in that news item that:
...Israel''s Arabs are currently focusing on battling militant rightist activity, and what they refer to as political persecution and anti-Arab legislation. Israel Police also warned that Palestinian nationalism is growing stronger.


Let''s be clear on this.  Arab nationalist anti-Jewish, anti-state activity is the constant.  It does not require Jewish anti-Arab behavior to justify itself.  Yes, there are ups and downs in the level of violence in the century''s-old conflict but if the police - and this is only a suspicion - presume they can produce an excuse by throwing fault on others, that is not the way to protect Israel''s citizens from violence.


I truly wish the police success in protecting us all.  But that should be accomplished the best way possible which does not includes throwing up smokescreens as it appears in this case.  The police should deport themselves in a better manner.


(In Hebrew) A call has gone out to boycott Ynet by the forum of Yesha spokespersons (?) for the way the police report was related by that news agency.