The difference between illegitimate and uncouth

A New York Times July 10 editorial is today, Monday, July 16, almost a week later, still, at #4, a most recommended story by the NYTimes'' web site crew.

They are really pushing it.
Of course, when you write Wrong Time for New Settlements, it is only logical that there be a "right" time.  But for the NYT, that is not so.  Who said the NYT is logical and rational?
The editorial writer does not like at all that, not only is "Israel is pushing ahead with new settlements in the West Bank", but that it is

asserting control over new sections of East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim as their capital. Meanwhile, peace talks — the best guarantee of a durable solution — are going nowhere.

Of course, the Pals. can claim a lot of things.  We Israelis do, too. Jerusalem has always been a final-status issue and Israel''s governments and even Hillary Clinton herself have been clear of Israel''s capital stating in a September 2007 position paper that she believed ''Israel’s right to exist in safety as a Jewish state, with defensible borders and an undivided Jerusalem as its capital, must never be questioned.'' Her spokesman even said ''this paper is a reflection of her consistent policy... that hasn’t changed''.”  But why are there no negotiations?  After Netanyahu''s Bar-Ilan "two-state" pronouncement and construction moratorium?  It is Israel''s fault?
The legal analysis of Israel''s rights in and to Judea and Samaria are termed a

potentially disastrous, blow. 


the commission’s recommendations are bad law, bad policy and bad politics. Most of the world views the West Bank, which was taken by Israel from Jordan in the 1967 war, as occupied territory and all Israeli construction there as a violation of international law. The world court ruled this way in 2004. The Fourth Geneva Convention bars occupying powers from settling their own populations in occupied lands. And United Nations Security Council resolution 242, a core of Middle East policy, calls for the “withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.” 

Well, dear NYTimes, that''s why the Levy Report is important as all that in the editorial simply is wrong.
But the NYTimes ups the ante:

If its conclusions are not firmly rejected by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there is likely to be new international anger at Israel. That could divert attention from Iran just when the world is bearing down with sanctions and negotiations to curb Tehran’s nuclear program.

Jewish communities have nothing to do with Iran and if Europe and the US use that as an excuse, that is perverting forewign policy relations and international security requirements in the face of an Islamist "crazy" regime with nuclear power. 



Also thrown in there is the Beinart Bebop:

It would also draw attention to a dispiriting anomaly: that a state founded as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people is determined to continue ruling 2.5 million Palestinians under an unequal system of laws and rights.

The hope?

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will have a chance to drive that message home when she visits Israel next week.

Well, I for one will not copy what the Egyptian protestors shouted at her.
Hillary may think me "illegitimate" but I am not uncouth.  And I stand firm on political principles and beliefs.