The hypocrisy of Western diplomats


Consider the content in this Ha-Ha-Haaretz report:
Palestinian security officials recently questioned two employees at a nonprofit organization headed by former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, in what some regard as an effort to exert political pressure on Fayyad after his organization launched a campaign to help needy Gazans.
Western diplomats who were informed of the incident said the questioning appears to have been carried out with the knowledge and consent of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.
“There’s no doubt that this process was initiated by orders from above,” said a Western diplomat. “Such things don’t happen just like that.”
They seem to have Fayyad''s back, or, they desperately feel a need to protect those NGOs which serve as the funnel for money to undermine Israel.
But more relevant for me is this line:
“There’s no doubt that this process was initiated by orders from above...Such things don’t happen just like that.”
So, when I complain about evil content in educational materials in the schools of the Palestinian Authority, or the incitement on the Pal. Authority media, or the glorification process of the Pal. society be memorializing terrorists at road junctions and town squares, or the rabid anti-Semitism spouted by Pal. Authority immams, or anti-Jewish riots at the Temple Mount, not to mention what goes on in Hamas-dominated Gaza, I can assume that those "above" initiated all that, are aware of that and are, to be sure, responsible for it all.
After all,  
Such things don’t happen just like that.”
That is what I call hypocrisy.