What J Tobin wrote about C Hagel


This what Tobin wrote:-

As I have written repeatedly since his nomination was announced, Hagel has been working hard to disappoint those who have always shared his views since he was so eager to discard principles that he had ardently supported. But one such supporter was unfazed by his reversals. Former Media Matters staffer MJ Rosenberg is a bitter critic of Israel and its supporters to the point where he is considered toxic even by many on the left. Butas Twitchy notes, Rosenberg wasn’t particularly helpful to Hagel today since he tweeted:
I spent a couple of hours with Hagel a few years ago. Talked with him about Israel. Happily, he is lying today &  knows it. He’ll be a good SeDef.
But you didn’t have to have that kind of inside information to understand that what was happening in the confirmation wasn’t particularly honest