Why not call it "price tag policy"?


This paper, as all the others, is reporting on violence perpetrated by social/ideological activists.  Like this of what occured now in Jerusalem:


Two demonstrators were arrested in Jerusalem on Sunday night as the social justice protests took a violent turn a day after 85 were arrested in Tel Aviv. Around 200 protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister''s residence at 8:00 as a response to the Saturday night protest in Tel Aviv, and then marched through downtown Jerusalem to Zion Square.

The protesters did not have a permit to gather outside the PM''s residence or to hold a march. Demonstrator Khen Tsubery said the protest was intentionally done without a permit because permits have been difficult to obtain since the light rail began operated on Jaffa Road.


Haaretz described the events in Tel Aviv so:


Police arrested 89 demonstrators after more than 6,500 people converged in and around Tel Aviv''s Habima Square on Saturday night, protesting the arrest on Friday of Daphni Leef, a leader of last summer''s social protest movement. The protesters blocked Ibn Gabirol Street north to Rabin Square, before moving and blocking Ayalon highway. Around 20 demonstrators were removed by police after breaking into branches of Hapoalim, Leumi and Discount banks. Tel Aviv District Commander Aharon Eksel said Sunday that,  "Protesters crossed the line. They set out to clash with the police."



Ynet''s "Breaking News":-


Dozens of demonstrators who took to the streets of Jerusalem on Sunday in demand for social justice, clashed with police forces as some of the demonstrators attempted to interrupt the city''s light rail line.  The demonstrators who called for social justice banged on drums and trash cans.


So, why does not one editor suggest this is a "price tag" action?


Only residents east of the former Green Line engage is such activity?