Latest Gadgets that are on verge to change the World

We all know that the world we are living is not a perfect place; it has a lot of challenges either natural or the ones caused by other humans. Everyone would wish to have that life that is so smooth without problems, but, unfortunately, that happens only in dreams. However, we shouldn’t be negative about life because there is much beauty that comes with life especially now that God gave us brains that can think and expand the using technology. Technology is on the move, which gives us the hope of making our dreams a reality. The following are some of the gadgets that are on verge of making the world a better place to live in;

1.    Wearable Glass

This is a kind of a glass that is worn on the eyes just like sun glasses or eye support glasses. This tech gadget has transformed Google from access through our computers, phones, tablets and other devices that enable browsing to obtaining information about everything that you are looking at without necessarily requiring a computer. This may look like more of an imagination but thanks to Google, who made it a reality. It has a challenge of being stared at by people but don’t worry people will eventually get used to it. It always referred to as Google glass.

2.    Bio printing Gadget

This is a 3D printing machine that can develop live human tissues such as blood vessels and cartilage from live cells. This will take the medical industry to the next level of not depending on the donation of body organs from individuals. The only thing that the medical industry lacks is the tools to design which may be a limiting factor in expanding.  This may look unrealistic, but you should now shift to the thinking that everything is possible.

3.    Hologram Tech Gadgets

Microsoft is one of the technological companies that are major contributors to technological improvements in the world. Most of us have been seeing the use of holograms only in the science fiction movies but guess what? Microsoft is going to make it a reality through Microsoft Hollen. Individuals will be able to project information without necessarily using the normal projectors by only wearing the Hollen glasses. In addition to projecting, the users of the Hollen goggles will be able to be virtually present in meetings with friends and conferences. This is suitable for those people who are in partnership with people and are far apart from each other. This is more like an improvement of Skype. It is a future technology that will make the world more global than already is.

4.    Tooth Bacteria Sensor

Most people hate the idea of frequently visiting a dentist for dental checkups. Therefore, most of them visit a dentist after bacteria have fully attacked the tooth to a point of no reverse. This is not a recommended way of treating but thanks to technology for bringing gadgets such as tooth sensor that can sense bacterial attack miles away. This will reduce the number of times one has to visit a dentist for dental care. According to tech gadgets review, this has emerged as one of the world’s best improvement in the dental, medical field.

5.    Retinal Prosthesis System

This is a machine that assists the partially blind to see what their eyesight problem has hidden from them. It does this by capturing images that are then converted to instructions that are captured by the device placed on the eye. This device transmits the information to the brain through the optic nerve that eventually enables one to see. According to research, scientists have come to almost a conclusion that someone sees with the brain with the eyes being only a helper. Future technology might give a chance of sight to those who are blind. This device is known as Argus II Retinal prosthesis system.

6.    Tricot Detector

Sometimes air travelers experience loss of their luggage on arrival to their destinations. However, this is no longer a problem with the invention of Tricot. It is a device that enables you to see the exact place where your luggage is with the aid of a computer or a phone. One has just to place this device in your luggage. Tech gadget reviews have featured it as a major source of assistance to travelers.


Our human brains have the capability of doing those things that we cannot even imagine. Through our creativity, we have made technology our source of solutions to the many problems that we have by inventing tech gadgets. Future technology might enable people work in the comfort of their sites using invented machines.