Next year, Your Majesty

I think that Queen Elizabeth II would love to visit Israel. 

After all, she has a deep, declared faith in a Saviour who lived all of his short, earthly life there. The Hebrew Bible makes up the larger part of her esteemed guidebook. Her Majesty has lived through the rebirth of the modern state, and seen the miraculous survival and success in several wars of this tiny democracy, against all odds. I would like to think that all of this is partly due to her prayers.
Her Majesty’s new mode of travel, since the amazing celebration of her 90th birthday last week, has been hailed on Twitter as another “pope-mobile”. Having witnessed a papal visit to Jerusalem, I can agree. And if the Pope can ride down King George Street in a special bullet-proof buggy, why can’t the Queen?
And speaking of the big 9-0, wouldn’t a visit to the Holy Land be the perfect present? I bet you anything she would consider seeing the Bible come alive the best gift in the world.
The UK’s Telegraph newspaper reported the recollections of one Israeli ambassador to London, Dror Zeigerman. During a state visit to Britain by President Weizman in 1997, Mr Zeigerman said that the Queen got along well with Mr Weizman, and when he invited her to visit Israel she reportedly said that “she would be happy to come”.
Sadly however, the Queen does not arrange her own travel itinerary.
According to the late Professor Robert Wistrich, of blessed memory, the only two British royal trips to Israel ever, were played down as “private”, not official state visits. 
Comfortingly, the Professor of anti-Semitism confirmed that the Queen herself has never displayed any anti-Jewishness. 
And I’m not a bit surprised. 
Of course her mother-in-law, Princess Alice, was awarded the title of one of the “Righteous among the nations”, hence Prince Philip’s “unofficial” visit to Israel in 1994, to visit her grave.
It is my prayer that Her Majesty will have her heart’s desire very soon, and that the door will be open for her to walk in the footsteps of the patriarchs, her Lord Jesus, and all the disciples and apostles with whom she is so well acquainted through the scriptures. 
Surely during Pesach we can believe for this?!
Next year in Jerusalem, Ma’am!