The Looming Financial Storm

The Euro Zone is not the real financial crisis because the smaller countries in Europe are being exploited by England, France, and Germany. United Kingdom recently conducted an election where the incumbent Tori coalition pledged to expand national child care, address the budget deficit in their National Health Care Service, pension reform, as well as demanding internal reforms within the European Union Central Bank framework or else they’d exit the Euro Zone.

This is not going to happen because the United Kingdom spent millions on their military campaign in Libya. Military intervention was not essential and rigorous diplomacy could have resolved the crisis, because former President Jimmy Carter brother had a solid business partnership with the Gdhaffi. Therefore diplomatic channels existed and the west failed to utilize them. Since President Barack Obama missed the chance in 2010 for dissident lead regime change inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. Due to President Obama saying regime change was the George W. Bush doctrine.

Meanwhile France indicated they were unable to pay their pension obligations to government employees in the early 1970’s; France won’t allow a major shakeup, because the French President Hollande made immigration reform the cornerstone of his Presidential campaign, additionally the right wing parties in France lost at state level elections in 2015.; Middle class families and especially single mothers in Germany have experienced record high poverty, due to austerity cuts imposed on Cyprus and Greece.; While not imposing tax hikes on the Greek and Cyprus economy, but instead liquidated the financial accounts to wealthy businessmen and woman in Greece and Cyprus. Forcing the Greek and Cyprian government to make budget cuts and layoffs. These countries are operating at skeleton crew levels and cannot implement new reforms to fix existing problems..

The end of the Euro Zone is near because the Chinese view the European Union Central Bank a larger liability than North Korea. Since the Euro Zone could have stabilized if they let Israel demilitarize the Gaza Strip and not re-build it three times over. Why the Chinese Foreign Minister said the future of Israel is bright

This will make Iceland, Italy, Poland, and Greece rise economically and reduce anti-semitism. Since Iceland has arrested those responsible for banking malpractice, Finland begun to dump over valued stocks from their central bank; Italy has the best lower education crisis inside Europe. Allowing the small countries in Europe to roll over the most successful practices if the European Union Central Bank dissolves. The Greek and Cyprian economy need a Marshall Plan and $200 billion dollars spread out over a four FYS quarter time frame. Paid by freezing the National Basketball Association draft for two years. As well as contribution by the Qatari Royal family.

Now let’s turn our focus to the crisis in the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese are bluffing in the South China seas. President Xi Xiping is bluffing inside the South China Sea. This area does not have the commodities to sustain China’s overall natural resource demand. We invited the Chinese to observe us in RIMPAC to allow diplomatic trust and coordination. Since any intervention within North Korea or elsewhere will require ground troops. By China participating in naval exercises will allow the Chinese to predict our movements inland. This also allowed us to not directly hand our protocols over to China. Prime Minister David Cameron was incorrect about the standoff between the United States, Chinese, and Russians over Syria.

China participated in the Syrian standoff to observe Russian troop movements, because the Chinese wanted to test Russia’s ability if a standoff were to happen. This in turn would enable China to seize their real target Siberia and Kashmir.

These are not governed by ICANN and presently autonomous areas. The Chinese Foreign Minister disclosed their intentions to annex Siberia by his visit to Israel. Since the Jewish autonomous district in Siberia is being neglected by Russia. In the 15th century the Chinese and Russians had an economic development package sharing agreement. Russia is using treaties dating back to 13th century for justification with Russian military intervention within Ukraine’s borders. Therefore the Chinese military will justify their 15th century agreement to annex Ukraine.The multinational corporations inside Africa are really State Owned Enterprises to sustain the Chinese dependence on commodities. They’re not intended to counter western multinational corporation activity. China has a duplex economic system divided into Conservative and Liberal platforms.

The Conservative aspect is allowing western multinational corporations to use their cheap labour, State Owned Enterprises, and lapsed regulations if they register on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The enterprises used by the western companies answer to Hong Kong multinational corporations the liberal aspect of China’s economy. These regulate China’s overall State Owned Enterprises in Africa and it’s mainland. The index rating system before it’s “re-design” was ranked between one and fifty. Anything between forty five and fifty signaled a full scale collapse. Chinese nationalism has nothing to do with foreign policy. It’s designed to identify political rivals inside a government system.

This is why the United States and Russian Federation pursued a “Russian Reset” Since President Vladimir Putin is the best option for leadership inside Russia and anyone else would be worst. It allowed him to identify rivals within his own party by ensuring the United States implemented the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty New START in accordance to Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe framework.The ghost cities in China are part of the nationalism concept. They’re not a boom for potential outside real estate investment. Zoning laws in China determine the construction quality used and the average Chinese citizen saves 2/3rd’s of their financial month to month earnings. Because the Chinese do not have a FDIC like policy for the average citizen.

Additionally, China is not planning to do expansionism because the majority of their espionage budget is geared towards domestic issues in Xinjiang province. The last thing China wants is dissident lead regime change from outside Non Governmental Organization activity. But the downside of suppressive tactics by the Chinese on Xinjiang has costed them dearly at regulating malpractice in their health care industry. The other issue is widespread breast cancer among the Chinese people, since the cancer is from drywall, interior insulation, and concrete quality. This in turn caused widespread health defects among newborns in China. The answer to China’s problems is a BAIN and Haliburton like concept. The ghost cities are over eighty five percent vacant and used forty percent of the world’s concrete. Then use these natural resources to address the situation inside India.