Netanyahu's speech to Congress

         As an American, I feel that I have no right to speak on behalf of Israel's upcoming elections. However, the media being highly critical of the PM's decision to speak to the new Republican Congress really irked me. Were they so foolish to believe that Netanyahu would not voice his disapproval with Obama's appeasement towards Iran. They want his speech to roar, roar long and loud for the thousands of Christians that are being slaughtered ever single day by ISIS! The Islamic caliphate, if they can call themselves Islam, we should be grown up enough them that as well.
       To understand the president's feelings on the Middle East, you must first start with Obama's speech in Cairo. The speech made clear that the Palestinians deserve statehood and he would do whatever necessary to achieve this goal, regardless of Palestinians unwillingness to compromise. Time and time again the president has decided that Israel was in the wrong while the Palestinians were a peaceful bunch, simply looking for their own peaceful state. 
    I have lived in Israel, between 2009 and 2010, and let me tell you almost every Arab I came across was willing to communicate with me, only expressed gratitude for the opportunities afforded to them. Somewhere in the back of their minds, the freedom and prosperity that Israel has afforded to them would be unobtainable under Palestinian rule. It had become clear to them, that the life they were able to achieve in Israel, would've never come to fruition had Jordan or any other Arab country governed Israel. That is not to say their aren't many who would love to see Israel fall.
   Netanyahu understands that at the end of the day the support Israel enjoys disproportionately comes from the Right, as the Left is quick to condemn any actions Israel undertakes to protect its sovereignty. The vitriol Israel has received during its latest confrontation with Gaza only solidifies the international communities distaste for the Jewish community. Two hundred twenty two thousand Syrians have been killed, millions more displaced. Yet, Hamas can fire rockets at Israel indiscriminately, with thunderous applause from the international community, as Israel does what is necessary to protect its people, it only hears voices of condemnation from those who matter. 
  Boehner's invitation was not only for Netanyahu to speak on the horrors that will come if the Iranians continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Rather it was Boehner reassuring Israel of the unwavering support Israel will receive under a republican congress. Let us not forget the immense power the speaker has and his right to invite anyone he so chooses to speak to his assembly.  The president finds time to meet with social media stars famous for eating cereal in a bathtub, but no time for the prime minister or our most supportive ally in the Middle East. Israel's support comes from the people and the governing body that best represents the people, congress. 
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