A lost president

The president has become downright repulsive to listen to. All it took was a whisper, and the media jumped on the narrative of gun control. Knowing this happened in California where AR-15s are banned as well as magazines over ten rounds. With universal backround checks implemented years ago. Yet these same laws that obviously didn’t stop the terrorists, disarmed the law abiding citizens giving them zero chance to save themselves. These terrorists walked into Government building’s, that more likely than not, had signs on their lawns explicitly saying “Gun Free Zone.” Any responsible pundit would’ve made all these facts known, not this media-not with this president. What’s most alarming is, they don’t care, and now they want law abiding citizens to give up their constitutional right to defend themselves throughout all fifty states, while our “public servants” stand guarded by armed security. The left cares more about their ideology than protecting American citizens, and it is costing lives and the quality of life for millions of Americans. What happened in California is a testament to the failure their gun control policies have had, and any responsible media pundit would be delusional to suggest disarming Americans when fundamental radical Islam is on the rise. To a rational man this is an egregious idea, but absolutely necessary for the lefts liberal agenda. American citizens fought and died for the constitution, not for the president or the extreme lefts policies he so passionately articulates and through executive action implements. Fourteen lives were lost, and what makes it so incredulous as that they shouldn’t have been lost, for two reason that completely don’t fit the media’s narrative. It was reported that a neighbor saw suspicious activity in the middle of the night in the weeks prior to the massacre in California-he decided not to report the activity due to fear of being perceived as Islamaphobic. Political correctness is now contributable to 14 deaths. Jerry Brown’s policies have intentionally disarmed the good people of the state, which has allowed those seeking to inflict mass casualties zero resistance known as “soft targets.” Law enforcement can’t be everywhere at all times, and nobody wants law enforcement hovering over them at all times. The good people of this nation want their constitutional right to protect themselves and their families. If even just two people in that building were armed, mangers for instance, they would’ve at least been able to barricade themselves in and return fire until the police arrived. Political correctness is now directly correlated to lives being lost because of fear of giving offence. This neighbor could’ve notified the proper authorities weeks prior to this massacre, now 14 people are dead. This will never matter to left. The left has lost their humanity for the sake of ideology. When the president is more eager to berate republicans rather than actually fix the problems this nation desperately needs fixed, we have a problem. If this was a hundred years ago, Obama would’ve been impeached by now. His disdain for the constitution is well documented. And now, instead of focusing on terrorist who will obtain weapons regardless, build IEDS from home, no, instead he wants to take away the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. Evil people will seek to do harm to America and its symbol of freedom no matter what laws the big government left so desperately seeks. To disarm the very citizens who symbolize American freedom will only allow for the ones intent on killing civilians easy soft targets. Radical Islam is at war with our freedom- our principles –our values, the media just doesn’t want to get it. What’s most worrisome is before any information was released on the perpetrators-the media pounced on the conclusion that this was white terrorism and used every derogatory word in the dictionary to condemn Christians and their free will to control their own destinies by owning a firearm. The second it was confirmed to be Islamic terrorism, the head of the DNC issues a statement saying for people-not to demonize Muslims, although, she had no problem demonizing white Christians. The Democratic party has become a joke, who cowers to any group for votes at the expense of law abiding American citizens.