A nation of laws?

    The Obama administration was never going to indict Clinton. The only mystery was why his highly politicized government wasn't going to charge the former Secretary of State for a clear violation of federal law. For Mrs. Clinton, laws do not apply. And why should they, considering the president and mainstream media will do whatever they can to protect her, or make absurd claims that she did nothing wrong. How many times has she promised the voters her private server contains no classified information? Too many to mention. How many times has she assured the voters she's done nothing wrong? Too many to count. Not only did her servers contain classified e mails, but "top secret" as well. Gross negligence is a crime, there doesn't need to be intent. Whatever thoughts we had that our poiticians were subject to the same laws as us common folk, was thrown out the window.
   When Comey held his press conference last Tuesday, he spent the first twenty minutes castigating the former Secretary of State of her handling of classified material. Only to conclude that she never committed a crime simply because she never intended to. As he began to assert she did nothing against the law, it became clear the fix was in. In essence, FBI director Comey told the people that a crime is only a crime if you intended to commit a crime. According to this logic, someonle who drives drunk and causes the death of a family, will not be charged because he never intended to cause in accident. It was said persons duty to know beforehand that what he was doing was wrong/illegal by drinking and driving. Just as we expect our politicians to know they shouldn't be using a private e mail for official government business. It would be folly for anyone without the surname Clinton to commit a crime and get away with it on the basis of not knowing/intending to commit said crime. It's not even the FBIs job to tell prosecutors whether to prosecute, only to provide the evidence. 
   FBI director Comey confirmed what we all felt about the Obama administration. That there's a set of laws/rules for the people, and an entirely different set of laws for politicians. In Comey's unflinching demeanor, he spoke ever so calmly on how Clinton lied to investigators. The longer he spoke, the more he made the case for indicting her.  
    The full weight of the federal government can drop on one of the most respected generals of this generation, but not the former Secretary of State for what many consider a much more serious offense? The most troublesome part is her continuous lying about it. Even when the FBI confirmed that their was in fact classified e mails on her private server, she continued to deny it. This alone should disqualify her, but it won't. Could you imagine if this was the republican front runner who clearly has no business knowing America's secrets? The media would be on this person like glue. They would never let up, until each and every person in this country knew that said person committed a felony as Secretary of State and lied about, multiple times. The left decided that protecting their candidate was more important then the rule of law. They are defending the indefensible, they know Clinton is unqualified to be president but they will protect her at all costs.
    The latest poll has the majority of Americans disagreeing with the federal governments decision not to indict her. She may have escaped indictment, but the court of public opinion is still being decided. One can only surmise that any foreign agent who wanted access to Clintons private e mail server, easily hacked it. Hilary Clinton is the most corrupt, dishonest candidate in the history of the United States. She was handed every position she's ever had in government, yet the media wants you to believe she earned it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her continuous lies and denial about her private e mail server is a testament to her character. She truly believes it is her divine right to be president. She truly believes she is above the law, that rules are only for the peasants. Her handling of classified e mails was not only reckless, it was criminal.