A nightmare in America

      I know no other way then to be brutally honest. Both professionally and personally I have always been frank with people, I try to hold nothing back. What I have learned, some people just don't like the truth. They simply blur it out, and continue on with their gibberish fantasy of an all powerful state, that just gives and gives and gives, But never takes away. I would laugh, but in reality I'm holding back the tears.
   So here we are, mid April, and I have no idea what America will look like a year from now. The RNC thinks their party rules mean something to the voters who took a day off work to embrace either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. The fact there is even whisper among the community that neither will end up with the nomination is already confounding. From an outside perspective, it looks like the RNC is handing the White House to the democrats. I'm not even a hundred percent sure who that will be, and in all honesty the socialist Sanders scares me to death. I'm not the only one, practically everyone from the Cuban and Russian communities are astounded that this disease has reached the land of the free. 
   My heart is burning, Marxism and Leninism are at our doorsteps and they were brought upon our doorstep by a fellow Jew nonetheless. This is unacceptable, and I will never ever support this drug of the state providing, as anything other than state control. I don't believe the American people will take this lying supinely on there backs. Yes, Sanders wants to do away with the disastrous trade deal, however, that in no way should take away from everything else this man is. He proclaimed Israel killed Ten thousand Palestinians in its last skirmish with Hamas. Even when confronted the the blunt fact that Hamas themselves say Israel killed about 1800. He still said a higher number. It is pandering to the extreme left, he is a radical socialist. His new tax and spending plan are a straight path toward disaster, and that's just the beginning of what essentially would be total state control. He is extreme, his ideology is vile and corrupt. I am in no way a democrat, and I happen to believe HRC is a dishonest, cold and calculated politician. Although, at this moment, if she's the only person than can stop him; than so be it. I'll absolutely appreciate her for that, and that alone. This is in no way an endorsement of Hilary Clinton, I'm just acknowledging that she might be the only person who can stop him.
      That is largely because the RNC is pushing their own candidates into such a corner that they both come out of it looking bad. I never thought I would see this in my life time, but the Republican Party is doing everything they can to stop their own front runner from obtaining the nomination. Having your 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney coming out of left field with three right hooks and an uppercut at his own parties front runner, doesn't look good. Considering this is the same guy that he praised in a press conference for his business acumen He's contradicting himself ten ways to Sunday, in one sentence.
    I don't know what's going to happen on the republican side. Unfortunately the left scares the daylights out of me so I will be voting for the eventual republican nominee, whomever that may be at this point. All I know, is that it doesn't look good. And from what I can see, the party elites are merely using Cruz to block Trump, so they can get to a contested convention. It is corrupt, it is subversion, and I in no way shape or form intend to defend their lame argument of, "it's the rules."