A party of lies

 After wikileaks released a new batch of DNC/Clinton e mails, the people started to see the size and scope of the corruption in D.C. The abuse of power is an outrage, yet the media wants you to believe Trump is the problem. The people are starting to see very clearly, how little say they truly have in their own party. The elites choose, you watch as they pretend you actually have some power in choosing who your representative will be. 
   The federal government has become an uncontrollable virus that has touched every corner of our political system. Lobbyist who're paid millions to push a certain interest have more influence then the public. The DNC chair, who's only real job is to keep the elections within in her party impartial. Showed zero impartiality, she went as far as using the power of the DNC to help Clinton receive the nomination. Worst of all for the left, their revolutionary leader has now bitten tongue will no longer speak truth to the matter. That is all we really want-the truth, no matter how bad, no matter the extent of the anguish it may cause.
     We have a government that would point to a burning city and promise us everything's just fine and dandy. They feel zero responsibility to tell the people...the truth. Truth is something the federal government is no longer capable of admitting what's actually taking place in D.C. Bills are passed back door, heck we don't even know what's in them until they've already been passed. What kind of government is this, not the one our founders envisioned. The government is on auto-pilot, an agenda driven machine with no sense of right or wrong. They lie to our faces, then tell us if we don't vote for them the worlds going to end. They tell us they're incorruptible, that their only interest is helping people. Their only interest has become lining their own pockets. Their interest extends no further then those who "pay to play." This should be unacceptable, yet the left handed her the nomination anyway.
   Tear it down and start over. Our founders allowed for such action to take place, and article five of the constitution should be invoked, yesterday. The power of the federal government, and the party in control of it has become so enormous that it naturally corrupted itself. Power corrupts, I don't care who you are, or how many checks you put in place. Our government is drunk on power and they hold zero accountability to anyone, even the people that in theory give them that power.
   And they call the right racists? The left refers to their Hispanic outreach program as the tacobowl. Their contempt for white men is nothing less then hate. I could not imagine why a white man would vote for a party that openly blames him specifically for every single societal woe. I don't know about you, but I find it incredulous that they would blame us for a single incident but if G-d forbid it you call out Muslims for their indiscriminate targeting of civilians, you're now xenophobic. Their logic has become so outrageous that even they themselves find it funny that they get away with it. "Vote for me because I'm a women, forget about all the scandals, the corruption, the slush fund, just vote for me because I'm a woman who will give you stuff. Oh and the republicans, they're just racist, bigots." I'm sick and tired of being called a racist because I believe in limited government. We shouldn't feel ashamed that we love America, we shouldn't feel ashamed because we believe in the constitutional republic upon which this country was founded.
   Have we lost so much respect for ourselves that we would actually sit back and take it. What happened to the American spirit yearning for freedom and fairness? What happened to a government that feared us? They don't fear us anymore, they openly mock us. The fancy us stupid, and without pride nor self respect. The feel they can do whatever they want, because we ourselves allowed them to get away with it. This is exactly why the right chose Donald Trump. Because at this point, as HRC would say; what difference does it make?