An Agenda Driven Press

       Nothing divides America more than having a media as partisan as we do now. The division you see in America is the direct result of a media more than willing to push the Democrats agenda. Dividing us by our race/religion/gender or sexual preferences was exactly what the democrats and their activists in the media wanted. All you have to do is look at the percent of “journalists,” (activists) who donated to Hilary Rodham Clinton over Donald Trump. That is why almost every single article we read nowadays sharply tilts in favor of Democrats. They’ve gotten much worse at concealing their biases. One of the major problems with the radical left wing press is that they fancy themselves much smarter than they truly are, and they underestimate their viewers intellect a great deal. The characters in the media are all rich elites who believe they know what’s best for you. The only channel that has some semblance of impartiality is attacked daily by the left wing press(fox). 
     The media wants a monopoly on information in order to control exactly how you think, and ultimately how you vote. The truth is the media has always been very far to the left of the country, but now it’s on steroids. For eight years everyone watched a media completely ignore very significant crimes and corruption that transpired during the Obama administration. Before Donald Trump took office they were already pushing a fabricated story of Trump colluding with Russia to win the election. That is a very serious lie to perpetuate. A lie they were more than willing to propagate simply because Hilary Rodham Clinton needed an excuse for burning 1.5 billion dollars and still losing the election to a political novice. Taking away far left media outlets press credentials would be a very reasonable response to the media’s actions the past few months. It will probably never happen, but don’t for a second believe it isn’t deserved. The actions of the radical left wing press have been inexcusable, and deserve an adequate response.
      The media wants everyone to believe they are being attacked. But that is not the case. The media directs vile baseless personal attacks at the president every day/hour/minute. Surely they knew the people elected a fighter, and that means fighting back against viscous baseless and often very personal attacks. The media’s agenda from the beginning has been to remove this president by any means necessary. And it is widely accepted that they are coordinating with members of our federal government to weaken(or remove) this president in hopes of his agenda never getting off the ground. When the director of national intelligence’s testifies in a closed door session with members of the House intelligence committee, the story leaked within hours. Even though the top Democrat on the committee promised Trey Gowdy(a republican member of the committee) that it would never leak. And not only did it leak, it leaks in less than four hours and it was very selective in leaking the part that makes only Donald Trump look bad. I could give you a thousand such examples of the press going way out of bounds, only acting in the best interest of democrats, and not the American people.
     The press no longer works for us. They work for a very elite group of liberals, who want to control how you think and how you vote. These elites are all millionaires, all live lifestyles that an average American would be appalled by, and they claim to represent us. Nothing could be further from the truth. The press has an agenda. It is a globalist, radical left agenda. Their credibility is gone, when in reality it was gone for me a long time ago. A few short weeks ago the media’s rhetoric led to an assassination attempt on Republican congressman practicing for an annual baseball game versus the democrats. In that same day, MSNBC and CNN spent equal time perpetuating the Trump Russia collusion lie.
     When Trump sent out a tweet defending himself against the hateful personal attacks leveled at him daily, the press made sure to scream bloody murder for two whole days straight. The president is doing the absolute right thing in bringing attention to the outrageous partisanship in the media. They are the ones dividing us, with their inability to report the news for us to discern the facts, impartial from their activism. We shouldn’t be able to know the politics of the people who report the news for millions of Americans. And not only do we know their politics, we are appalled by how truly radical it is.