Appeasement for Peace?

It is almost inconceivable that Jews are not allowed to step foot on the grounds of the Temple Mount. The greatest gesture the Arabs could ever make towards peace: Would be for them to allow for the rightful return of the Jewish people to their Temple. The fact they gather stones to throw at non-Muslims who dare even walk beside the temple is insanity. Everyone should have the right to visit these sacred grounds. Islam didn't even exist until the 7th century A.D, Judaism had been around for thousands of years by then. Yet, they claim the Temple as solely theirs, no other religion is allowed on the premises regardless of historical importance.
   I don't see Israel ever putting pressure on the Arab world for their rightful return to the temple. I'm just sick and tired of Israel always having to be the ones giving something up, especially to people who don't even acknowledge our existence. For almost two thousand years we were separated from our land, exiled by the Romans, persecuted everywhere we settled. We have a chance to decide our own fate, in the land G-d had promised us. Considering we are in the midst of celebrating our freedom from the Pharaoh, we should all recognize how important Israel truly is to us. It is everything to us, we face Jerusalem when we pray for a reason, and it has been this way for thousands upon thousands of years.
   A nation Israel once thought was her greatest ally, America, just had its Secretary of State admit that America will defend Iran from any measures Israel takes to stop them from obtaining nuclear weapons capability. The U.N, perched up from their swanky New York City address, just declared our land in the Golan "null and void." The only thing "null and void" is the U.N's influence over the nations. Who does this administration consider an ally, the Ayatollah or Israel? The only democracy in the Middle East, the only nation in the Middle East that allows freedom for everyone. Is now an enemy of America? Nowhere else in the Middle East can you be openly gay and live for 24 hours.
   What does America stand for if it supports authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey? Do we no longer represent freedom? Our foreign policy sure doesn't seem like we stand for freedom in this world. We have isolated our only true ally for the promise of peace from a nation ruled by a religion that only knows violence. This administration is the reincarnation of Neville Chamberlains infamous policy of appeasing at all costs. A great American once asked “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?' This administration's foreign policy is a tragic shame on everything America once was. Our flag used to represent freedom in the world, and Israel's flag stood side by side with it. This administration is so aloof they don't even realize the enormous ramifications their foreign policy has on the face of the globe.
      Obama and his lackeys have done everything under the sun to defend a religion that is not compatible with our inalienable rights given by G-d. They view women as the property of men, they execute anyone who speaks out against/or leaves the religion. Is this an ideology America really wants to defend? It looks that way. I personally believe it was this administration policy to secretly promote BDS, to allow college curriculum to teach the most one sided arguments on the issue of Israel and the Palestinian people. Even as Muslims kill hundred across Europe, they protest Israel-because G-d forbid us Jew's control our own destiny. I'm sorry BDS, we will not give up our land for the false notion of peace. We know the fundamentalists will never allow for peace, and we are prepared to defend every single inch of Israel.
    If America chooses to side with Iran when an inevitable confrontation takes place, that'll be the last day America stood for freedom in the world. It would be folly to suggest, that Iran is not preparing for a serious confrontation with Israel. With what seemingly looks like Obama's blessing, Israel must stand ready at a moments notice. In the most likely case scenario, Iran will use Hezbollah after they have settled things in Syria to attack Israel's northern flank, in coordination with rocket fire from Gaza. Our enemies should know, Israel is more than capable of defending herself from the south, east, north and the sea to the west. Israel is not afraid, she will not appease, and she will stand tall. The voices of appeasement within the Jewish community are not surprising. We have always had those willing to betray their own people to save their own skin. Let those voices fall on deaf ears, Israel is not going anywhere.