Arguments on tax increases

        The president sees fit to raise taxes on everything from a loved one dying and leaving you his hard work inheritance, to college saving funds. Gas prices fall to under 2 dollars a gallon, congress begins writing laws to increase taxes. How foolish, do they truly believe they will stay that low for a significant period of time. It's not about whether you feel those who have obtained wealth should be taxed more, it's about the very idea that government can take from the people whenever it so chooses. Imagine, working your whole life paying taxes every year on that income, only to find out the government is entitled to half of whatever you have left to leave behind to loved ones.
       How easy is the rhetoric of taking from the rich to fund government programs that work less than half the time. A president with the gall to speak to a joint session of congress and propose ideas repudiated clearly during the 2014 midterm elections. The president was speaking to 80 more republicans than his first inaugural address to congress in 2009. A little math tells us, that just by taxing the rich, it would simply be an insufficient amount of Capital to fund his agenda. Taxing the middle class is the only way to achieve the copious amounts of money that will be needed to support his " remaking of America."
     Blind faith can be dangerous, believing that by giving people things-is some how an intellectual by product- that everything will suddenly be utopia- has forgotten Rome, Russia, and many others that have failed miserably on that very premise. The president has failed to see what Americans believe, rather through hardship or prosperity, we seek our own future by our own making. The government has forgotten its place in our beloved constitution and politicians have forgotten who they serve. The people ask nothing more than a government that facilitates job growth, not diminish it. We want a government unafraid to face enemies slaughtering Christians by the thousands, and anyone they see fit. 
      The president has held office for six years, his ideology will remain a far cry from reality for the remainder of his presidency. Republicans would be smart to remember why they were given the majority, or they will see it dissipate. Having the highest corporate tax rate in the world would be a good place to start. Repatriation of American money oversees will begin to flow in. Again democrats free health care sounds great, but Americans want jobs not your hand outs. Finally, bringing up tax increases in a prosperous time is one thing, raising taxes the focal point of your state of the union during a limping recovery with wages stagnated is another.