"Congress must not infringe."

    A radical Islamic terrorist killed four civilians and injured dozens more in Israel. Let me say that again, an Islamic terrorist killed four Israeli civilians and injured dozens more, for the who knows how many times this year. My heart bleeds for the 50 in Orlando, but it burns for the ones in Israel. 
     The press has become the greatest tool of the left to keep the people misinformed on what is taking place. They use the headline "largest mass shooting in U.S history" to deflect the actions of a terrorist on guns. They are trying to insinuate guns and our second amendment are to blame, and to simpletons they believe this. In the last 12 months how many Jews were stabbed to death or severely injured in Israel? Dozens upon dozens, they don't blame knives, they blame the people with the intent to use those knives to take the lives of innocent civilians. Guns don't go off by themselves, someone has to pull the trigger. The media wants to blame the tool and not the man who used it. It's like saying it's the planes fault for crashing into the World Trade Centers, not the terrorists who deliberately flew it into the building. I do happen to agree with banning people on the terrorist watch list from obtaining a weapon.
    What happened in Orlando would've happened regardless of the gun laws the democrats are purposing. In all seriousness, to ban guns would mean to confiscate 300 million weapons already in the homes of law abiding citizens, and leave the criminals still locked and loaded. Because criminals who own guns clearly don't register them, so who would be effected by any form of gun control? Law abiding citizens, that's who. Regular people who just want to protect their family, their property. Even the LBGT community is waking up and ready to arm themselves. I'm not surprised one bit the president wouldn't call this an act of Islamic terrorism, I'm not surprised one bit he blamed the NRA and our second amendment for the devastation this terrorist caused. I've had just about enough of his aloofness, his insatiable lust to manipulate the people into believing his radical views. He is the most un-American president the people have ever elected, he despises this great nation, and the people that built it. 
    50 of his biggest supporters were just slaughtered for being themselves. The media is still trying to shift focus on guns, but judging by the LBGT community tweets, they just aren't buying it anymore. LBGT Phoenix tweeted that they will now be voting for Trump due to the actions of this terrorist and the subsequent response from the democrats that occurred on Friday night.  
   Israel will and has to respond to the actions of Hamas that resulted in the death of four brave Israeli citizens, and the maiming of countless more. That is the difference, Obama uses words to fight violence, Israel responds appropriately to heinous acts of terror by going after the ones who organized it. It is not our fault the enemy is cold, callous, and indifferent to civilians that they would use their own people as human shields. If the cowards came out and fought, there would be no civilian casualties. That's not what Hamas wants, they want dead civilians to parade around an eager press reeling for a story to bash Israel as inhumane.
    Two nations, both with a serious issue on their hands and two completely different responses. The rhetoric from each nation alone speaks for the differences in actions that will be taken by the respective governments. Obama uses words and gives lectures like a college professor. Essentially letting the terrorists(ISIS) know, America will do nothing. Israel on the other hand goes after the ones who planned, organized, and took any part in the murder of four Israeli citizens. The POTUS might as well be an Imam because no one promotes, defends, and criticizes those who critique radical Islam more than him. We should pray for our fallen brethren, however, let their death not be in vein and let us wake up to the very serious threat of radical Islam. In Paris guns are illegal or "supposedly" impossible to obtain. That didn't stop the terrorists for obtaining ak 47s and killing 139 and 12 only 9 months prior. Let us not be fooled by a media with a clear agenda, guns are not the problem, radical Islam is.