England chose to govern themselves, and the world will react harshly.
    Initially the pound will take a steep hit against the dollar, yet in due time I project it to be higher than it ever was under the E.U. The E.U is a disaster, without Germany it wouldn't exist. And I personally believe when Angela Merkel publicly pressed the British people to stay, it was over. The British people already felt that Germany was running things to the ground, having their leader publicly ask the people to continue to be ruled over was the final push.
 The British economy will flourish now that it is no longer bound to the incompetence and consequences of the decisions being made in Brussels. No longer will they open their border to intolerant radical Islamists. There is nothing wrong with the British people seeking their own sovereignty, in fact it is long overdue. The British people are strong, courageous hard working people that will be just fine without bailing out other mismanaged nations.  
    When Americas president went to Britain to publicly push for them to stay, I was truly ashamed that this man was representing the American people. It was a disgusting display of a foreign leader pushing Britain to stay in the dysfunctional E.U It was their decision to make, not ours. And for everyone that was pushing for Britain to stay, you actually did a disservice to your own cause. You only pushed the people further away, you only reaffirmed their feelings that someone else was pulling their strings.
   Today, they said no more.  And I commend them for the decision to govern themselves.Billions upon billions were spent on the stay campaign. They say the people are too dumb to decide for themselves, well today they proved the left wrong. At the very least they want to be making decisions about their border and economy. How can anyone disagree with a nation wanting to protect and define its own borders? How can anyone disagree with a people that want to govern themselves; especially a people with a rich history of doing just fine by themselves?
    It is pompous for anyone or any nation to tell another they must abide by their commands or there will be consequences. The markets will react negatively as if they want to punish Britain for making a decision based on sovereignty. Next week will be a roller coaster ride with the pound being hit on all sides. The people will blame the Brexit for what will be a drop in our own markets. That is a false assertion, our markets are overpriced as is, a 20-40% drop was already expected in our three Indexes.