Donald Trump will be the next President

I never thought the Republican party was anywhere near as corrupt as the DNC, how wrong I was. They used every single tactic/maneuver at their disposal to knock off Trump, despite all their efforts he's the only one still standing. Forty-Four million spent against him in New Hampshire, he wins by a landslide with 10 plus on the ballot. Nothing Resembles America more than a man torn to pieces, left for the wolves, only to get back up and come out on top.
      When you dissect the latest poll that has Trump virtually tied with Clinton in Pennsylvania and Florida, ahead in Ohio; there is only one discernible conclusion. That there is still enough white working class men in America to win in an election. The left has so abandoned white working class men, that if Trump wins 75% plus of them, he wins the election. And he will do just that and fair much better than predicted with minorities and women. The point the party forgot, is at this moment in time you can still win with white working class men across party lines. It is not about party anymore, it is about country. 60 thousand democrats switched parties to vote for him in Pennsylvania. It is few and far between that believe sovereign nations should not have borders and they shouldn't be protected. If Israel had that line of thinking, it wouldn't exist today. Throughout history a nations strength was always defined by its ability to protect its own borders and they were always clearly defined.
     The single smartest thing Trump did, when he announced his candidacy he focused on the economy and illegal immigration. Right then and there he had successfully separated himself from the field. He was blunt and brutally honest. He believed these were the issues Americans cared most about and stuck to them like glue. He wasn't just right, but if you tally the money spent against him versus what he spent, it is almost inconceivable that he still pulled this off early May. That is what the numbers are telling us across a couple of key swing states. Even states like Michigan and Wisconsin will be in play, the DNC doesn't know what's going to hit them.
     Trump appeals to the average American who wants a job and a secure future for his family. The republican establishment focused too much on social issues and other issues that at the end of the day weren't what matter most to the people. "It's the economy stupid," as a former two term president had said. I'm not here to discuss whether Trumps proposals will work or not, it's whether the people believe they will work. If you talk to the average American voter, they do believe that immigration and trade have become serious issues impeding their upward mobility. Or even their ability to get a job period. There are too many people out there that secretly support Trump, they're just not ready to tell the public. And look, that is their right. What right do journalists have to force the people either through a phone call or online poll to tell them their political leanings. The ones who do support him publicly, are steadfast in their support. No one can convince them at this point to vote for anyone other than Trump. As I said before, I will be casting my vote for Donald Trump.
    The media wants you to believe Trump is some cold hearted billionaire seeking office for personal gain. They seem to forget the other side is running a women who has made Millions from "public office." Her Husband a known sex offender who has pedophiles as friends. Just the other day Trump walked off stage, mid-speech to let a wounded vet know that as president he will no longer be ignored, he said he'd do it even if he weren't president. Seems like the devil to me...this is a man who loves this country and its people. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. At this point a million cluster bombs couldn't stop his momentum. People want their country back," journalist dismiss this as racist white privilege. They dismiss the millions who have lost jobs because of one sided trade deals, government regulations that kill competition, illegal immigration to implode our safety net. Bluntly, the establishment deserves to be tossed out. They deserve the Blatts of this world knocking off the second highest ranking republican in the primary. A promise is nothing if never kept. They watched as millions poured across the border, as American workers at Disney trained their foreign replacements. The media wants to think that story has left the thought of every Americans core worry. That the job market has gotten worse, and government is playing a key role in why it's so bad. That's enough period for Trump to win the election. It's more then just that, it's his unapologetic love for America. There is one thing not up for debate about the likely next president of the United States, he loves this country and its people. His foreign policy speech showed just that, "America first". That is the essence of his entire campaign, that the government needs to represent the American people. It is the people's government not the worlds. Citizenship has to mean something, it clearly does for the people just not the government. It's not about making America Great again, it's simply going back to the formula that made us History's greatest nation ever. For the last 8 years instead of our president praising American freedom, resilience, perseverance; he badgered us for perceived societal ills. Donald Trump will unapologetically love this country, he will not let our enemies dictate policy to us, he will not let competitors devalue their currency by over twenty percent making impossible for American companies to compete. He will fight for America tooth and nail. So he's a little narcissistic, but he will make us proud to be American once more.