Sweden is like a man who was just told he has cancer, but all he needed was a few surgeries and chemo and he would have a 95 percent chance of living. The man (Sweden) replies, this cannot be, you must be a Jew proclaiming I have cancer within this perfect specimen. If it were just denial I would give Sweden a chance, but their problems are much deeper than their own personal naivety.
     While women of all ages, as well as boys, are being beaten, raped and murdered almost daily, Sweden simply doesn't report it. Not even wiling to acknowledge the danger their citizens are living in-day in, day out, unquestionably makes them even more vulnerable to these savages as they aren't even being informed on what's taking place around them. How can they protect their citizens, or how can the citizens even protect themselves from Muslim savagery, if they aren't even willing to notify the public of the daily pillaging by so called "asylum seekers?"
     We just don't hear about it much in America, because like I've said before, they don't want to admit that socialism fundamentally doesn't work, and their open arms, open border policy of multiculturalism, instead of assimilation, has led to their own culture being on the brink of extinction. Their open border policy led to thousands upon thousands of so called "refugees," over 70 percent men of fighting age, into their country to literally just pillage. It shouldn't surprise anyone that people coming from a country where rape, murder, and war were daily events, would not bring that same culture to other nations.
    When I heard the prime minister of Sweden claim the Muslims who participated in any form of sexual assault, had nothing to do with Islam itself, I knew it was over for Sweden. The only thing I could do next was prey for the millions of Scandinavian women who were deliberately put in harms way, to appease the millions of intolerant "asylum seekers" of their own intolerant culture. I say deliberate, because how many times has this happened before, how many times have Muslims protested in the streets of Europe claiming it's only a matter of time they would all live under sharia and be subject to the brutality of an Islamic majority. 
    Culture is something that should be cherished, valued and preserved. Sweden is losing its culture, for an Islamic one that already has plenty of land to practice its demonic religion on. They want world domination and Sweden is already a casualty of this war, it is only a matter of time that Sweden will no longer be Sweden, but rather the Islamic caliphate of Scandinavia. With Norway not far behind and the current actions of the Swedish government and EU, that's a possibility not too farfetched. The rest of the word needs to learn from what's taking place in Europe, and the media needs to do the responsible thing and report on the utter failure of assimilation with fundematist Islam. The EU didn't even have the basic logistics in place to take in millions of "refugees" they simply lacked adequate facilities and resources to take in such a number. Their plan was not just ambitious, it was simply fantastical, a dream, that would've been impossible even with people willing to assimilate. 
    Nonetheless, most of these people aren't refugees, they have come to Europe to destroy its culture, and Sweden looks to be the first casualty of the EU's incompetence. If the EU and its member states don't immediately change policy, alongside deporting at the minumum 30 to 40 percent of "asylum seekers" that have come in the past six years, then one can only predict the same outcome for the rest of the EU. European culture and its people deserve to be preserved and protected, unfortunately their politicians just don't see it that way.