Israel stands alone

     I believe it is time for Israel to assert its dominance over the middle-east. With Damascus about to fall to hardline fundamentalist Muslims, coupled with America having it's pants down, leaves Israel with no alternative but to intervene, albeit with a little help from some friends in the Arab world. Although, they would prefer their partnership with Israel be kept under wraps, Egypt and Saudi Arabia hold the same fears as Israel when it comes to Iran. Leading to some diplomatic and military agreements.
        However distasteful some of the rhetoric coming out out of Egypt and Saudi Arabia tend to be towards Israel, desperate times call for desperate measures. It would serve Israel best to have the largest and richest Arab nations fighting along side us(albeit discreetly.)
       If and when Damascus falls to either Isis, or the al Nusra front, Israel will be left with little choice but to intervene in some capacity. Once Damascus falls, the Sunnis will more likely than not slaughter the 11 percent of the population that is of the same faith as Assad, as well as the Druze or anyone not adhering to their strict interpretation of the Quran. 
    What I fear most is the domino effect after hardline extremists take one of the ancient Muslim cities, emboldening their cause. Next May be Baghdad, than possibly Samaria while causing devastation throughout its conquest for their "caliphate." The extremist will rape, pillage, loot, capture civilians to sell as slaves amongst many other unspeakable crimes, as they seek to consolidate their gains while ensuring the population adheres to their most vile interpretation of the Quran.
   In 1935 when Hitler unveiled his new Air Force, France and Britain did nothing, as this was a major violation of the treaty of Versailles. As France reinforced its useless Maginot line thinking it ( that never extended to the Ardennes), would suffice in protecting against a German offensive. Even though they had legal authority, larger armies, France and Britain (to a lesser extent) in four years decided on not crossing the Rhine and enforcing the treaty. Meanwhile, Germany re-armed on a massive scale that cost the world at least fifty million lives, because the ones who had the power to stop them failed to act.
      Israel cannot and must not allow Isis, al Nusra front, or any similar terrorist organization to consolidate their gains and grow more formidable as a threat.
   Americas president, who has no qualms of speaking of the indecency of his own constituency, has now struck a deal with not one, but two country's heavily scrutinized for the subjugation and oppression of minorities or anyone even slightly different...on their own people. 
     As much as I pray that Israel can wait it out until America gains new leadership, I fear Israel is much like Britain in 1940, and stands alone against a savage enemy.