Israelis' man of the year

      When history looks back on the last seven years, I am all but certain that they will determine Putin has done more to legitimize the state of Israel and fight radical Islam, than America has. Yes, that Russia that was formerly known as the Soviet Union, that supplied our enemies in virtually every conflict Israel has had with its Arab neighbors-Just as the U.S was providing Israel it's arsenal. The Cold War was played out largely through Israel, and Israel won each and every time. This is how the U.S and Soviet Union used to test out equipment, through Israel fighting for its very existence. 
   How things have changed. Americas president just signed a bogus deal allowing Israel's biggest threat to basically do what it wants. Meanwhile, Putin goes out of his way to have photo ops(and hopefully genuine dialogue) with prominent Jews in Russia. He has shown great respect for Israel's leaders, and really paved the road for greater cooperation between the two great powers. Putin is no fool, he knows how much Russia lost when they just allowed Jews to leave in the 60s and 70s, allegedly to go to Israel. Many chose to wait it out in some European country until they could obtain a green card from America. Either way, Russia lost doctors, lawyers, bankers- people integral to running a first world country. Putin definitely doesn't want to see another mass exodus of Jews from Russia again, especially considering how few are left. His treatment of Israel has allowed countries like Turkey to finally admit there's nothing they can do about Israel. They actually put it a lot nicer than that, astonishingly, but I'm sure that's how Erdogan felt. Russia is the only world power putting pressure on the Arab world, the west has retreated from the fight. He is the only world leader before Paris to call radical Islam, exactly what it is, radical Islam.
      Israel goes out of its way to make sure they don't shoot down planes that aren't a threat to Israel, Turkey clearly never learned that lesson. Russia has great respect for Israel, how much it has prospered in less than 70 years, surrounded by enemies, castigated by the international community. Israel's ability to not only keep pace with the world on major technologies, but actually lead in many sectors, is really something of a modern day fairy tale. A nation with fewer than a dozen million people, and Putin has taken notice, he is even a little fascinated with what Israel can accomplish with so little of everything, really. 
     Look at what a little will power and determination can do. Israel is a first world nation, and its future only looks brighter. People want to dwell on the whole Palestinian issue, or any other excuse to latch on to, just to lay blame on the Jews and their state. We need not care what these people say or feel. We need not feel emotion when vile slurs are hurled our way. Trust me, they cannot stand it when it doesn't bother you, so don't let it bother you. People are always going to find some nonsensical excuse to dislike Jews, we have our own state now, we aren't going to allow anyone else to determine our future again, I can promise you that. Putin feels the same way about Russia, he sees the ally that Israel truly is, especially in the fight against radical Islam.
   It really is amazing, that in the larger picture, Russia has at least appeared to be a greater ally than the U.S in the last few years. I'm not talking about the American people, I'm talking about Obama's white house. Especially after reports surfaced of the Obama Whitehouse spying on Israel and congress members that supported Israel. In rational times Obama would've been impeached and the public would've been in uproar. 
    The question of how this will play out for Israel remains to be seen. If everything goes smoothly and a rational pragmatic president is elected in America, normal ties with Israel will resume a little more than a year from now. If the left wins the presidency, than we will get another four year-at best-with public schools and institutions teaching Americas youth Israel is the enemy-just look at what they do to the Palestinians, forget about all the terrorism, the horrid treatment of women, the killing of apostates, homosexuals-I could go on, but I won't. That will all be left out, and they will paint our Muslim neighbors as some oppressed indigenous people that just want a normal life. 
      At least Israel has Putin who has painted a clear and concise picture to the Russian people, that radical Islam is the enemy, and any state that supports radical Islam, is our enemy. Just look at how he reacted to Turkey, Putin doesn't have his head in the sand, heck, I mean everyone knows Turkey has been supporting ISIS. Putin is the only one with the gall to call a spade a spade, so he earns his kudos as Israel's man of the year, deservedly so I must say.