It gets worse

   A pattern never lies, and if you look at the corruption and the body count left behind the Clintons, you have to ask whether foul play was involved. I don't like to speculate, but a young DNC employee murdered in the middle of the night on a street he walks on daily, a few days after releasing damning information on Hilary?  You could write a book, a series even...on the body count that lays wake for those that dared to cross Clinton.
   Why is this question so important to ask?  Because if Huma felt the need to keep a back up of all the corruption she had on Clinton..on her husbands laptop nonetheless...well she said herself..."it was life insurance." Director Comey didn't just reopen the investigation because he wanted to, I could tell you that for sure. I bet he even tried to find every reason in the world not to move forward. It's very clear the new evidence that has come forth from disgraced congressmen Weiner was so disturbing that he felt all integrity would be lost had he not reopened the investigation. When considering he had told congress that he would reopen the case back in July if any new evidence came to light. He had no choice but to reopen the investigation provided the new evidence he found was worthy enough of making such a decision. 
   Clinton knew very well that was the deal, that's why her team did their best to hammer away at Blackberrys. Yet her closest advisor felt the need to keep something...hmmm something seems a little off here. I'm pretty confident Clinton gave the order to destroy everything...but Huma rebelled? Can you imagine for a moment, a woman that was supposed to be her closest advisor so feared her that she kept dirt on her?
  All you have to do is go back to July and listen the hypocrisy of the left. There's probably a video or recording of every single prominent democrat calling director Comey everything but the lord. Take a look a what they have to say now, and it's hard not to laugh at the contradictions. They know this is a man of integrity, they know this is a man of honor. This is a very big deal, considering director Comey felt the need to reopen a mere two weeks before the election, he had to of found something. What confounds me, is that the democrats are not even shocked by the facts, the allegations behind Hilary Clinton. They just pretend they don't exist, or are nothing more than allegations. When one brings up the new evidence, they quickly remind, but it was stolen, no less the facts that were discovered because the were never supposed to be discovered. They have no shame, they find the people to be complete fools. They are telling you their corruption is meaningless because you should've never known about. 
   If In July gross negligence and incompetence wasn't enough to indict her, who knows what he found to reopen the case. The anger in Clinton was apparent at the press conference, as she raged at reporters of how Comey dared to interfere in the election. As huma said herself, Hilary's downfall will be due to her own making, her greed knows no was imperative to go to Morocco for 12 million...right. This is a very dangerous woman, and if we give her the powers that lay with the federal branch of the most powerful nation on earth, we will be to blame for what's to come for not voting in droves for the opposition. 
   When one begins a life of corruption, making a living lying, cheating, stealing, embezzling and gets away with it....consistently. The n one can assume that not only will their actions continue, it will worsen and they will become more brazen every time they get away with it. The greatest crime to corruption is our own indifference to it. If you want to have a conversation about which candidate is an imminent threat to this country, look no further than the candidate with a D in front of her name.