The appeasement never ends

The president comes out on Sunday, same old arrogant self, proclaiming a change in the Iranian regime by releasing four Americans held hostage. As usual, he forgot to mention this had nothing to do with the Iranian nuclear deal. This was plainly a prisoner swap where the United States gave up 7 criminally convicted Iranians in exchange for the four Americans, while two sill sit in horrific conditions- including(we don't know 100 percent if he's still alive) Robert Levinson. The details of the deal are so disturbing, combined with recent hostile actions Iran has taken against the United States, including the complete humiliation of ten American sailors. Is reason why the president after making his statement, walked straight out like a dictator taking zero questions from the media.
    The media hides the pious, callous, immoral actions of this president. He couldn't give five minutes to the "free press" on practical questions that needed to be answered about this still very much conflicted Iran bill. Sanctions will be lifted in days and Iran will receive 150 billion plus in assets unfrozen, as well as reintroduction to the international markets. To put this number in context, Israel signed a ten year deal worth a little more than 100 billion with the U.S a few years back. Iran is receiving 150 billion instantaneously, I can only imagine where the majority of this money will go to. 
  Israel's arch enemy will at least increase military spending by thirty percent, given their new found wealth, coupled with its international sanctions relief. They will now also receive Russia's S-300 surface to air missiles with a range of 250 miles that can knock out Israeli planes miles in the sky. Something the sanctions imposed on Iran, held the Russians back from delivering these misses for over a decade. Israel's ability at diplomacy, had also played a major factor in Russia rescinding the deal.
    I cannot say with certainty if this president realizes the existential threat he just caused for Israel, but he has to know for sure. Wether he cares is another thing, that is why Israel needs to appeal to Putin directly. Israel can be the ally in the Middle East the Russian bear never had. A first world economy, a top class military, and a democratic nation with values and principles. Russia felt so compelled to supply Hezbollah not out of want, but because they simply felt they would be best utilized by Hezbollah rather then assads forces. Russia was to supply these weapons with the thought that they would be using them against the various groups fighting Assads regime.
    Israel doesn't see it that way, they see it as an enemy on its northern flank receiving more capable weaponry against Israel. Of which I agree, and that is why Israel has freely entered Syria various times to destroy convoys headed for Hezbollah. It seems as if Putin and Netanyahu have an understanding, and I personally believe Russia will not intercede if Hezbollah were to attack Israel. Even going as far as condemning them and ending the shipments of such equipment. How this plays out remains to be seen, but it will surely have Israel changing strategies in 2016.
  As Americas president continues to prop up the Iranian dictatorial regime, Israel will have to deal with many possible predicaments. Israel needs to act accordingly, the American media is not looking out for the best interests of Israel, so in times such as these, it would be best for Israel to act on its own without the White Houses influence.