The country/The people deserve better

The media can really drain a guy, it is nothing more than propaganda these days. Trump is by no means the perfect candidate, each passing day he seems to utter phrases that a man who thinks twice would never utter. In these polarized times, a president should be above the fray, the fact he even comments on Megyn Kelly's return, shows his inability to think things through.
The republican base has a right to be angry. Their leaders abandoned them, their grievances falling on deaf ears. The debt, deficit, an administration living in an alternate reality. They're grievances deserve to be given the upmost attention, and they are not.
The media instead, tries to build bridges between us, black/white/Hispanic. They categorize us, instead of realizing we all want the same thing. A prosperous America, one ripe with free enterprise, a federal government that actually enforces the laws I.e -extended visas that account for forty percent of illegal immigration, could be fixed with an e-verify system tomorrow. And an economy where wealth is not only limited to a tenth of a percentage.
It's not only republicans, it's everyone who hasn't been blinded by their faith in a party whose policies have only weakened and divided this nation.
The American people deserve a candidate who will not be making decisions based on loyalties to special interest, but rather, what is best for the American people. The country deserves someone who sees the greatness in it, instead of just it's flaws. The people deserve a president who will serve the constitution and the American people above all. Do you believe this country needs a candidate who serves his constituency first, as well?