The Deep State

The deep state In 2012, when Romney and Barack Hussein Obama were going at it during the debates, Romney infamously proclaimed that Russia was Americas largest and most imminent geopolitical threat. To which Obama replied, "The 80s are calling and asking for their foreign policy back." Obama also famously told former president and current prime minister Medvedev that he would have more "flexibility" with his regime when he gets re-elected. Who could forget Hilary child antics of bringing a toy button as a sign of resetting our relationship with Russia. The same party that has been telling us Russia is not a threat, is now telling us they somehow rigged 63 million votes. The Russian threat becomes real only when democrats get shellacked in elections. What irks me the most, is how stupid the media believes the American people to be. They want you and I to believe that a country their beloved Obama deemed a non-threat, all of the sudden became thee threat. The media needed an excuse as to why their beloved HRC lost, with a five to one capital advantage, every major media outlet and newspapers all but crowing her queen...and she lost badly. Donald Trumps election wasn't just a repudiation of HRC, but the deep state and their puppet mainstream media as well. It goes to show you how far the media and the democrat party, will go out of their was to create a false narrative and stick to it like glue until people start believing it. Mass hysteria is a medical fact, people have even suffered from physical illness due to mass hysteria. So when people say something long enough, with enough conspiracy theory nonsense portrayed as factual evidence, people start to actually believe it no matter the utter lack of evidence to support such claims. When Trump tweeted out that the Obama white house tapped Trump tower, the media was quick to denounce such a claim as an outright lie. So what did they do? They reported that the head of the house and senate oversight intelligence committee (the people who have oversight over our vast intelligence community) said there was no evidence to back up such claims. The media reported on this day and night claiming that because no evidence has been presented or found yet, that it was an absolute fact that the wiretapping(surveillance, it's not the 60s) never happened. Even when chairman Devin Nunez presented facts that there was indeed wide surveillance on Trump and his transition team, the media quickly pounced that he shouldn't of disclosed such crucial information with the president before presenting the committee with what was discovered. The same media that rushed to conclusions that the Russians rigged the election, that somehow Trump colluded with Russia, disregarding absolutely zero evidence to back up such a dubious claim. Their only evidence is phone calls and meetings which is the norm for a president and his transition team to meet with foreign leaders. Talking, negotiating with foreign leaders, is what the president and his men/woman are supposed to do. With overwhelming evidence that the Obama administration systematically used every facet of the federal branch of government to find as much dirt on Trump as possible-for one main purpose of course-to create a dark cloud over his presidency. The first time in the history of this great nation, instead of our long admired tradition of a peaceful transition of power-Obama decided to sabotage as much of Trumps presidency before it even hit the ground rolling. People should be jailed for this, but as long as the msm media ignores or downplays this bombshell of corruption, all we will ever hear is...'Trump visited Moscow in 2012. Reports are indicating that the meeting was about colluding to win the presidency" And than all the way at the bottom of the report, 'we still haven't found any evidence of collusion after 9 months....but we believe it to be there, we just haven't found it after 9 months of meticulous. Yup, that's what we call journalism these days. That same exact committee that the media so frantically used to call Trump a liar also said that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Wait...they can't be that hypocritical? How we they take one thing they say as an absolute fact, while not a single shred of evidence has been discovered in 9...months pushing ten, yet no evidence. Meanwhile in the last month we have received substantiated evidence that Obamas NSA advisor unmasked Americans and then distributed it amongst all 16 intelligence agencies all but assuring their would be leaks. And the media would like us to believe they report the news rather than democrat talking points. I mean c'mon...and you want us to feel bad for you when Trump calls you out as fake news, which few and far between would disagree with. When you have an agenda, you are no longer a free and impartial press. When you go on t.v and label republicans racists and bigots because of policies that protect and define our borders, you are nothing more than a party hack. CNN, ABC, MSNC, NBC, CBS and a slew of others have not produced journalism without a hidden agenda since Eisenhower. The country can't afford to have one of ifs two biggest parties advocating for open borders, unmitigated welfare regardless of the consequences and, prioritizing foreigners over American citizens, and blatant racism towards white people. The democrat part was always full of hypocrites, but the New Democrat party is outright dangerous for America and especially Israel. Obama has succeeded in loading the courts with activist judges, hiring for leftists for government positions and that is why we are seeing felonious leaks. The deep state must be crushed and drained with the rest of the swamp-the pelosis, McCain, Graham, Shumer, and a slew of others