The divide between Democrat and Republican has never been bigger

As two anti-establishment candidates vie for their respective party's nomination, the media is failing to report the enormous difference between the two parties. The Democrat party has a socialist, giving their corrupt lying Clinton a run for her money. Donald Trump loves America and the importance for the Government, to be limited to its constitutional duties. Mr. Sanders, not unlike Obama, wants to do away with everything this country has accomplished with capitalism in the last two hundred plus years, for a philosophy that is renowned for its failures. Ted Crus wants to restore the constitution and the balance of powers, as well as deregulate to ramp up the economy. I thought we were educating our youth, converting them into socialists by indoctrination, is not education. To say that socialism only failed in other countries because of mismanagement is to deny the fundamental flaw in socialist ideology. The people have every reason to be angry, the establishment is in league with big business and together they're pushing for amnesty. Why? Cheap labor. The only good news is: Debbie Shultz has run the DNC as an arm of the Clinton campaign, literally telling her own voters their opinions dont matter. I believe due to her actions many Sanders supporters will stay home or vote for Trump. Mr. Trump, for all of his rhetoric, loves this country. That is one thing about Trump I will never deny. However, Mr. Sanders was known in his youth for being apart of anti-American protests and groups. He even traveled to meet with the ruthless dictator, Manual Noreaga of Nicaragua, while mayor of Burlington, Vermont. The left likes to talk about the right as angry, old, white men. Take a good look at who the left is about to follow. The angriest white men of them all, a socialist or a corrupt Clinton. All socialists are angry due to perceived societal ills. When he talks about taking even more of hard working Americans money, he becomes emphatic, because nothing sounds better than just confiscating wealth for some socialist programs. Obama has groomed the country to welcome such radical ideology, he believes in it, he was just a little more conniving than Sanders when convincing the country he doesn't believe in such things- as redistribution of wealth. The hallmark of Marxist ideology, taking what people earn or saved, and giving to those worthy government officials for the betterment of society. All socialism does, is transfer wealth from those that actually achieved it, to those unwilling to work for it. Both Democrat candidates believe in a Government with unlimited, unmitigated power. Meanwhile, our Government can't even take care of our vets properly. It becomes a brain drain, those who have the capacity to manage and grow wealth will be leaving the country in astounding numbers. Competition drives businesses to continuously innovate or go out of business. It's the same thing with Obamacare, instead of finding a way for the uninsured to find private insurance through vouchers, Obamacare was incessant that the government needed run health insurance companies. Three-quarters of doctors don't even accept Obamacare. At the end of the day, the Democrat party of JFK and Thomas Jefferson no longer exists. The Democrat party of today is more like the Bolsheviks in 1917.