The establishment playing with fire

Having back door meetings on how to bed rid of Trump and Carson. Even the consideration of having so called back door meetings that are leaked to the press almost instantaneously to smear the front runners, amateur just plain amateur. Back doors meetings when the people are clearly repudiating your leadership is not the greatest of ideas, to be cordial about it. Seriously, what will it take for the establishment to realize the people have no faith in them, and they are unwilling to follow them towards capitulation. I'd prefer a different nominee than Trump, however I would never as a conservative, say that if he were to win I would vote for Hillary. 
    His rhetoric may be appalling to some, but also appealing to millions. Americans were always a people who preferred the truth over a sugar coated response to what's actually going on with domestic and foreign policy. The president is either aloof, or blatantly, knowingly lying to the American people about the current situation abroad. The left- which claims to be the protector of women's rights as well as homosexuals go out their way to protect the legitimacy of this medieval religion. A religion that forces children to marry grown men, a religion that believes a women is a mans property, a religion that believes in throwing homosexuals off roof tops. 
     What's most astonishing, is that the only country in the region that not only has women's and LBGT rights, they have laws to ensure their protection, and yet they are demonized day in, day out, by the left.
      Back to the main point, the establishment is playing a risky game. Will they alienate almost forty percent of republican primary voters, in the hopes their establishment candidate will win the north, where it's winner takes all (in terms of super delegates). The northern republicans, coming from states with substantial populations were able to persuade the RNC to make their states winner take all, even though they failed to deliver their states in the general election for the last 28 years. This gives the north tremendous power in deciding the nominee. Meanwhile in the south, if you win thirty percent of the vote, you only receive thirty percent of the delegates, essentially making the road awfully difficult for a constitutional conservative to win the nomination. For example, let's say Ted Cruz wins South Carolina, Iowa, Nevada and he only wins 32 percent of the vote while the establishment candidate like Jeb Bush will garner about ten percent of the vote(this is all hypothetical). Jen would still keep ten percent of the states super delegates. Then when New York, New Jersey and a slew of other states in the north go for the establishment candidate, and if even he were to win the state by 0.00001 percent of the vote, he will take 100 percent of their super delegates. Reasons such as this is why you see the people so frustrated with the political system.
       The establishment needs to get out of the way, and let the people decide  for themselves who best represents their principles, their values and whose best suited to lead this nation out of the miserable Obama years. Hillary offers nothing more than a third term of Obama, and brings an ego comparable to his, who she faithfully served as Secretary of State playing an integral part in the collapse of the middle eastern region. Let alone every single one of her proposals cost trillions and offer nothing sustainable for future generations.
      The government doesn't exist without the people, our constitution is a constant reminder to the federal government that their power is solely derived from the people, it's time they start paying attention. The people have been bamboozled by the left to give up freedoms for their big brother government to take care of them. 
       If the  establishment decides to interfere with the primaries either through coercion, bribes, or their relentless adds bashing of the non-establishment candidates. They will abandon their base, and might as well just hand Mrs. Clinton the keys to the White House.