The E.U and Radical Islam

At the end of the day, when we take a look around. I believe we can all come to the conclusion that radical Islam is growing. Radical Islams adherents, its finances, its military, are all growing. Their ability to wake up sleeper cells who go dark at a moment's notice has reached Brussels, France and California. The Presidents claim of containment have been debunked profoundly. When Brussels was hit, he was soaking in a baseball game in communist Cuba; with a ruthless thug dictator by his side(guess he felt comfortable).
After seeing his expression and hearing his empty rhetoric, I can now, without any reasonable doubt; say the president doesn't care about radical Islam and the growing threat it poses to Europe. I'm not going to get into why, but that much is clear. I myself had predicted another Paris, but I'm not running for president. Donald Trump is, and he called it like he saw it. Now the media is reeling, trying every way imaginable figuring out how to spin this. The President has become aloof, or just plain ignorant of the threat that radical Islam poses, especially for E.U member states. Simply, the E.U shouldn't look to us for help; all you're going to get is a lecture from the president.
Netanyahu gave an amazingly pointed speech on this subject, but his voice fell on deaf ears. The west cares none for Israeli blood. I know a great majority of Americans do, but not their current leaders. In all honesty, I don't think the E.U deserves Israel's help, but I'm sure Israel will do so anyway; because that's what good people and states do. However, if I were her, I would charge a thousand percent above the regular rate until the label laws are changed.
The E.U was clueless about these "refugees," and what their intentions were went entering Europe. The people deserve to be angry, and if I were British, I would call for Britain to leave the E.U as well. Either incompetence or ineptitude, it doesn't matter at this point, people are dead. Claims are pouring in that Turkey had warned them of these exact people, and they did nothing. I believe the people of Europe want to see people fired(without pay), their borders protected, and their culture preserved. Britain has a referendum coming up on whether or not to remain part of the E.U; after Brussels, the argument for leaving has just gotten that much more powerful. However, it's already too late. From what I can see, it looks as if ISIS can commit heinous acts of terror; concurrently in at least four major European cities. If this happens, the panic and chaos that would create would be nothing we've seen since Germany invaded Poland in 1939. I believe that is their goal, their end game. Paris one and two plus Belgium; has already given credence for their capacity to commit such acts. They have sleeper cells in almost every major city in Europe; these sleeper cells were explicitly trained in how to go dark and wait for a sign. Dire measures need to be taken if they are to prevent even 3/4s of future attacks: The question becomes, will they do what is necessary?
I can say the usual, let's pray for Europe, but I won't. Europe needs to fight for Europe. Islam hasn't been this much of a threat to Europe since it controlled Spain, the event that kicked off the crusades. At the end of the day, from America's perspective, we need to learn from this. America can't have it's president sound delusional by a communist dictators side at a baseball game nonetheless. I've never felt ashamed to be an American. However, on that day, I felt ashamed. I couldn't in my mind encapsulate the thought of my president in communist Cuba, taking pictures under a mural of Che. Actually, I'm lying, that was the third time. The other two happened sometime in November 2008, and November 2012.
ISIS is already well entrenched in Europe, they seem to have the ability to attack at will. Time is not on Europe's side, they must respond without delay. If they don't, ISIS will feel no repercussions for committing unspeakable acts of terrorism. In other words, the E.U is saying, "Go ahead, commit terrorist attacks, well just respond with hugs and welfare." It's almost an invitation for terrorists to continue with the horrible trend we are seeing of them targeting civilians. Leading to the only reasonable conclusion, they will attack again. All we can do now is really hope Europe takes into account Christians are the ones who need "asylum" from the Middle East. It makes no sense that the majority of refugees are Muslim.
The future of Europe is at stake; the pope kissing the feet of Muslims as they commit unspeakable acts of terror is not going to change things. As we saw in Pakistan on Easter, they just don't care for Europe's appeasement. Mostly women and children, celebrating Easter peacefully, will never see the sun or another blue sky again, for being Christian. Our enemy only knows one language, and that language is violence. Will Europe do what is necessary to protect its very existence? As of today, I'm not so sure they will.