Trump Vs. The World

  Any semblance of free speech, any notion that it still exits, would be the greatest lie ever told today. They don't hide it, and they openly embark on a campaign that diverts away from the actual issues into a referendum on a mans personal life. Worst of all they fail to to question the very dark and clouded character of their divine Hilary. 
  The media badgers him daily, every hour some coward republican drops his support for Trump, and HRC is climbing in the polls. The medias crusade against Trump is like something I haven't seen...since 2012. The media is on a blitz, any semblance of impartiality has been thrown out the window to ensure that Donald Trump loses the presidency. Don't be so sure of that fact, remember brexit. Hope remains, however dim the light of it shines.
   Politicians like Hilary Clinton will always exist. There will always be those who use public office for personal gain. Those corrupt to their core, those who have no business handling classified info, and those who have no business running the greatest nation on earth. Especially the ones who would look you right in your face, and lie. And then lie about never telling said lie. The media is playing to all of Donald Trumps personal faults, because on the issues they know they'd lose. They know the people are looking for change, and Hilary only offers an extension of Obamas policies of the last eight years. That means higher taxes, more regulations, more government intervention in our lives, and a Supreme Court that will find the constitution outmoded. 
   Trump is far from a role model, quite the opposite I'd say. But we aren't electing a Sunday school teacher. We are electing a business man that will put America first each and every time he goes to the negotiating table. Not the interest of Wall st. or that of special interest groups that bought their influence...which will be an everyday occurrence in a Clinton presidency. We must decide, will we go down the path of allowing a larger presence of government in our lives that has already led to enormous premiums on our health insurance, insane deductibles, a higher tax burden than we had, a debt and deficit so big not even worth mentioning anymore. Low paying jobs while the const of living goes open, and I haven't even mentioned radical Islam and illegal immigration. 
   Let's not forget an economy so dismal the we've been printing money at rates unheard of to prop it up. Countries moving into negative interest rates, and they're telling us it's all good. The system was never built for negative interest rates, and a crash in the world markets is all but imminent. We need to make changes, and HRC will change nothing, in fact she will only exasperate our existing problems. 
   Trump is going up against the world right now. The media, the establishment of both parties, the entirety of the Clinton campaign and foundation. The cowards of his own party cutting and running at the whisper of something controversial Trump has said a decade ago. The democrats loyalty put us to shame, I mean look at how they protected her over those e mails. They made a very serious issue into a non existent issue. So called republican leaders have made minuscule issues into substantially larger issues than they had to be. I can only surmise one conclusion, the establishment wants him to lose, and lose badly. What the fools don't realize, is that him losing hurts us down ballot, only the most folly of arguments could one make to convince me that destroying the top of the ticket will help the bottom. And they forget the most important issue of this election, the Supreme Court. 
   The establishment-You gave up the Supreme Court. And us conservatives would like to thank you very much for destroying conservatism for the next decade to come. We needed unity, we got division. We needed a positive vision, we got dirty old politics. The very fact we are losing to Hilary Clinton, the most cold hearted corrupt politician of our lifetime, is a laughing shame. This should've been a layup, this should've never been a contest. As much as we'd like to blame the media, let's not forget they'd do this to any republican candidate. There is no free press anymore, only state run media. And to all the republicans who thought about their donors over the people, who thought about what looked good and instead of what was right. Get ready for the next primary. I hope you can live with the fact that you helped Hilary Clinton win the presidency because Trump had said some questionable things.